The Block's Rachel Carr reveals brutal way she found out she was being cheated on

The Block besties Rachel and SJ revealed some scandalous secrets in their latest podcast episode.

The Block’s Rachel Carr has opened up about the brutal way she found out an ex-partner had cheated on her, in a new episode of her podcast with co-star SJ Calleja.

In their latest I Just Can’t podcast episode, the two dished on the secretive ways people have cheated on their partners, opening up about their own experiences.

Rachel Carr and SJ Calleja's podcast poster for 'I Just Can't'.
Block besties Rachel Carr and SJ Calleja started a podcast in late June: Photo:

While Rachel may have a picture-perfect life now with their husband Ryan and their three kids, she revealed the shocking way she found out about an ex cheating on her… and it’s pretty brutal.

“I found once that one of my ex-boyfriends was cheating on me because the girl texted me and told me,” Rachel said.

But it got even worse.


“He was asleep in my bed at the time!” she revealed.

The Block star Rachel wearing a blue dress, her husband Ryan and their three kids pose together.
The Block star Rachel has now moved on and is happily married to Ryan Carr. Photo:

SJ also shared a personal anecdote about a friend of hers, saying that they had found out after finding their friend’s partner’s Tinder profile. The guy in question later tried to say someone had “stolen” his identity.

“[He] is not that good looking that someone’s going to steal his identity,” SJ claimed.

"If I was going to steal someone's identity, I'm Miranda Kerr!" she continued.


Rachel and SJ launched their podcast in late June after becoming fast friends on the 2022 series of The Block.

Their podcast tackles topics such as marriage, motherhood, relationships, and melodramatic reality TV.

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