The Block stars 'really scared' ahead of auctions: 'Disappointing'

With the finale of The Block fast approaching, we spoke with Omar and Oz and Sharon and Ankur to find out how they're feeling in the lead-up to the auctions - especially after the winning contestants on the New Zealand version of the show only bagged $4000 profit for their hard work.

Omar and Oz shared that they're feeling "nervous" in the lead-up but believe their house speaks for itself.

The Block
The Block's Omar and Oz and Sharon and Ankur reveal how they're feeling in the lead-up to the auctions on Sunday. Photo: Nine

"It’s 12 weeks of hard work," Oz tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "Of course, we are nervous. But it all comes back to how confident we are on what we built week in and week out. Our rooms speak for themselves, our house speaks for itself, our landscapes speak for itself, and our attitude speaks for itself. At the end of the day, everyone's up for a good chance."

He continued, saying he believes they can win, "But Omar and I, definitely God willing, I think we should get the win. But if we don't it is what it is at the end of the day. And we keep smiling so let's get the win guys."


Speaking of the shocking NZ Block finale, Omar admitted it would be "pretty disappointing" to have a similar situation take place.

"I think we'll always be happy about the experience," he told us. "We've met so many nice people, we've met so many lovely sponsors who are willing to work with us long after The Block. So I think in that regard the experience is always going to be amazing."

He added, "It would be nice to win something you know, I did see the New Zealand Block didn't do too well. Which would be pretty disappointing. I mean, the 12 weeks of hard work and you go in and you want to do it for the family. You want to do it for the kids. So it would be nice to kind of go back with something. But like Oz said, it is what it is. That's completely out of our control at the moment. Whatever happens on the day is going to happen."

Omar and Oz on The Block
Omar and Oz admitted it would be "pretty disappointing" if they didn't win any money, but if they did they'd make sure to share it with their family and give to charity. Photo: Nine

Speaking of what they'd do with the $100,000 prize money, which the winner receives on top of whatever profit their home makes, Oz shared that they'd do something for their families and give some money to charity.

"We want to give back to the people, give back to the poor and give back to the people that are less fortunate," he shared. "So it's not all about us. It's about everybody around us that needs help too so let's do it, baby!"


Sharon and Ankur shared that they're also quite nervous ahead of the auction, with the former Neighbours star telling us, "It's really scary because we don't know what's going to happen and it's taken a while to actually finish. There was still stuff going on, so taking buyers through at different stages of completion has been really scary."

Ankur added that they have to assure any potential buyers that everything will be completed by the time the auction comes around, adding, "There's obviously standard procedure where there's a list of defects that get completed by settlement."

"But you'd be happy to know our home is defect free, whatever Keith wants you to believe is untrue," Sharon shared.

The couple shared that they're so "proud" of what they've accomplished with the team of tradies in just 12 weeks but reveal they didn't do the show for money.

Sharon and Ankur on The Block
Sharon and Ankur revealed they didn't go on the show for money, so if they won no money, it wouldn't change anything for them. Photo: Nine

Speaking of the NZ finale, Ankur said, "I think the winner was $4,000 profit or something. So I mean, yeah, in this market, like, who would know? This sounds stupid, but we didn't do it for the money."

He added, "But now someone has to, not as a joke, but would have to probably pay for my therapy after the show. So I need something to win."

Sharon agreed, "I don't think you can go in it to win the money because it's kind of for us, it's the wrong motivation," with Ankur also jumping in to say no money is "guaranteed".

"I feel really sorry for those guys [the NZ winners] because obviously it's a huge commitment out of your life and to be away from your kids and also to stop your life essentially, and work your guts out. And that's what you've got to show for it is pretty full-on," Sharon added.

When asked how they'd feel if they won nothing, the pair agreed it would be "disappointing".

"It’d be disappointing, but yeah, the expectation's not there that everybody's going to sell their house or anything like that," Ankur said. "I think I took a weekend off and went straight back to work, so going back into normality, I think I ripped the Band-Aid off pretty quickly and this sort of went to the back of my mind. So if we do [sell it], amazing, if we don't, it's completely fine. And we'll still kick on."

Betting sites will often give a pretty good indication of who will take out a reality show, and Sportsbet has Victorian couple Tom and Sarah-Jane as the likely winners, with odds of $2.00, so we'll see what happens on Sunday night!

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