The Block stars mocked for rookie mistake: 'What have you done?'

The Block stars Tom and Sarah-Jane have been mercilessly mocked for a rookie mistake they made during their first renovation.

The first episode of The Block: Tree Change aired on Sunday night, with the couple's wasting no time getting stuck into it.

Tom and Sarah-Jane, however, had a rocky start when they made an error that could possibly have wasted their valuable time.

After already spending two hours arguing over which room would make the best bedroom, with Sarah-Jane wanting to convert the living room with a fireplace into a bedroom while Tom opted for a more humble room in the house, the pair made a massive faux pas when it came to refurbishing their walls.

Tom and Sarah-Jane on The Block.
The Block stars were shocked when they discovered what they had done. Source: Channel Nine

Plumber Tom and social worker Sarah-Jane were confident they were on top of their renovation before it all came crashing down.

"Our plasterers have gone bananas, they have gyprocked everything ... top-coated everything ready for sanding tomorrow morning," Tom told producers.

"I'm feeling good, we're feeling good," Sarah-Jane added.

Tom said once the gyprockers left he told his wife to turn the heater on while he sealed the plaster with a primer.


The shot cut to Tom painting as he said, "I don't have to be neat now, so I can just slap it on it's all getting sanded off tomorrow anyway."

However Tom was painting unsanded gyprock, and the tradies were not impressed.

"The gyprockers walk in and they're like, 'What have you done to the walls, you don't put primer on until the gyprock has been sanded'," Sarah-Jane said.

It then cut to Sarah-Jane speaking to a tradie who said, "It's like putting your undies over the top of your pants, you've done it the wrong way round."

"Here we are getting ahead, we'll put the primer on and they were like we're going to have to redo it all," Sarah-Jane said.

"Like, what do you mean?" Tom added.

"I had to go and hand sand, with a hand-held machine, every single bit of plaster sealer off," he admitted before Sarah-Jane sarcastically said, "So yeah, heaps of fun in house one."

Tom paints a wall on The Block.
Tom made a faux pas when it came. to their bedroom wall. Source: Channel Nine

The rookie error came after Sarah-Jane criticised influencers Ella Ferguson and Joel Patfull for coming on the show.

“Social influencers … Some I respect obviously,” she said.

“Some make a huge career out of it! Look at your Kim Kardashians and your Rozalia Russians and people like that … Bec Judd! Good on them. But people who just go on shows to (boost their) social media, I don’t have time for that s**t. Like, don’t waste my time."

Sarah-Jane then pointed out Elle had 600,000 followers on Instagram, before hitting out at them again.

"She's got s***loads of money – why are they here?" she continued.

Sarah-Jane however won't have to worry about Elle and Joel for long, with the pair packing up their tools just two days into the competition.

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