The Block house shut down after scary discovery: 'Dangerous'

The Block contestants Tom and Sarah-Jane made a terrifying discovery on Monday night's episode, which resulted in their house being shut down.

Tom was hammering into the floor of their house when he came across what looked like asbestos.

The Block foremen Dan and Keith sit in a buggy wearing yellow work clothes
The Block foremen had to shut a house down. Photo: Nine

The pair were demolishing their guest bedroom and were nearly completed when Tom found the deadly substance.

“I literally had a small square left to smash, and I hit it with the sledgehammer and I found some asbestos underneath it.

"As soon as I saw it, I’m like: Oh god, here we go, more delays,” he lamented.


According to Healthdirect Australia, Asbestos is a group of minerals that can cause serious disease, and irritate people’s lungs. It was commonly used in Australia as fireproofing and insulation, and the substance was banned in Australia in 2003.

L: Tom and Sarah-Jane's house with 'caution asbestos' tape around it. R: Close up of the asbestos on the floor
Tom and Sarah-Jane found asbestos in their house. Photo: Nine

The contestants went straight to foremen Keith and Dan to report their discovery, and their house was shut down for the day. A team of experts later arrived at the house to remove the dangerous mineral.

“They shut our house down, and rightly so — asbestos is very dangerous,” Tom said.

House One put their tools down for the entire day, with the couple not knowing how long they’d be out of action for.

While Sarah-Jane used her time wisely and worked on designing their kitchen, Tom didn’t know what to do. Tom made lots of ‘house calls’, fed horses some carrots and spent lots of time with the foremen.

After six hours, the foremen were satisfied that the asbestos had been removed, and House One was able to resume work.

Tom and Sarah-Jane on the set of The Block
Tom wasn't happy with the discovery, saying there would be more delays. Photo: Nine

Elle Ferguson's savage move

This comes after Sarah-Jane announced that Elle Ferguson, who famously left The Block after 48 hours, has blocked her on Instagram.

Appearing on Weekend Today, host Belinda Russell asked Sarah-Jane if she had any contact with Elle and Joel.

"No, I got blocked. She blocked me on Instagram," Sarah-Jane quickly responded. "I went to show someone her (page) the other day, because they were like, ‘Who is this person?’

"And then I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve made it, I’ve made it in the world, a celebrity has blocked me’."

She also added that she wasn't surprised when she found out Elle and Joel left the show so early, adding, "I could tell that they were unhappy after judging."

"You don’t really spend much time (together) before that, you’re doing the challenge, so you’re busy. But at the judging, they seemed not too happy, there were a few little sentences that I heard and I thought, ‘Oh gosh' ... So no, I wasn’t surprised when they left," she said.

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