The Block fans point out odd detail in photo of Leah and Ash's unsold house

Two months after The Block auction a photo has emerged of Leah and Ash's Charming Street home.

It was one of the biggest bombshells from last year’s season of The Block when House 2’s Leah and Ash walked away empty-handed from the show while their fellow contestants celebrated their massive wins around them. Two months on, fans have spotted an interesting detail about the unsold house after a new photo of the Charming Street property was posted online.

Leah and Ash’s dreams came smashing down around them in November when they decided to pass in at auction, with Yahoo Lifestyle revealing in December that interest in the property was ‘at an all-time low’.

Leah and Ash's The Block house front yard and facace
Leah and Ash's The Block house failed to sell at the auction. Photo: Channel Nine

And now, a member of the Facebook group dedicated to documenting every detail of The Block 2023 builds has revealed that Channel Nine’s The Block logo has been removed from the signage at the front of the house.

The Facebook post claimed the house still hasn’t sold yet and they’ve seen a definite decrease in the amount of inspections occurring.

“We have occasionally seen open for inspections occurring but nothing seems to be happening by the time we left,” they wrote.

They continued, saying: “The 3D printed concrete fence still seems to be weeping.”


The 3D-printed fence was one of the highlights of the couple’s time on the show, with the duo winning the front yard and facade week.

However, fans are still divided on what they think of the fence, with one person commenting on the photo calling it ‘a travesty’ and another saying it’s ‘not looking the best now’.

The Block 2023 House 3
A new photo of the front of the house appeared online. Photo: Facebook
The Block 3D printed fence
House 3D printed fence was a big hit with the judges. Photo: Channel Nine

Leah and Ash’s house sale goes from bad to worse

Back in December Yahoo Lifestyle revealed the couple were still scrambling to try and sell the Hampton East home, with interest reportedly at an ‘all-time low’.

"The winners and the losers of The Block seem disproportionally out of whack when you look at Steph and Gian adding $1.7 million to their bank account while Leah and Ash still flounder around new ideas to sell their home,” our insider said.

"It is like the longer the house is still on the market the further away an ending is in sight. A Christmas miracle is needed at this stage if they want the house sold in 2023."

Leah and Ash looking tense on auction day sitting beside Scott Cam
Leah and Ash looking tense on auction day. Photo: Channel Nine

They went on to say that ‘frustration has well and truly set in’ for the couple, who watched on at auction as two teams made over $1,000,000, Kyle and Leslie received $130,000, and Kristy and Brett made a profit of $65,000.

Our insider also claimed that there is concern a team from the upcoming 2024 season of the show may sell their home before House 2 is even taken off the market.

"The fact that someone who isn't even cast in the next series set to be filmed in Phillip Island could beat them to the finish line is pretty concerning,” the source said.

Leah took to her Instagram account last month to confirm that the house hasn’t yet sold, despite being asked the same question "every single day" since The Block finale aired.

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