The Block fans point out major mistake in new 2024 trailer: 'No one believes that'

"Couldn’t be further from the truth!"

The Block host Scott Cam
The Block fans have pointed out a major mistake after Channel Nine released the new trailer for the 2024 season. Photo: Nine

The Block fans have been eagerly anticipating the 2024 season of the show, which is being filmed in Victoria's Phillip Island, with Channel Nine releasing its first trailer for the year on Wednesday night. In the trailer, Scott Cam and Shelley Craft are flying an old school plane when they lose their map, and take the plane (and show) "in a whole new direction".

After they land, Shelley asks, "Where are we Scotty?" To which he responds, "Paradise."

The voiceover describes it as a "land like no other," as Scotty tells viewers, "Welcome to Block Island."

"It's an adventure 20 years in the making," the voiceover continues. "For the first time, The Block is pure paradise."


"Sun? Sand? Sold!" Marty Fox says.

We are then introduced to all the new couples: Courtney and Grant (Red Team), Jess and Paige (Blue Team), Kristian and Mimi (Purple Team), Kylie and Brad (Green Team) and Ricky and Haydn (Yellow Team).

Foreman Dan Reilly shows up on the island looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway, while Darren Palmer shows up in his best Baywatch look before Scott throws a T-shirt at him and says, "Put a shirt on Dazza, it's not Love Island!"

Fans were quick to point out a major mistake in the trailer – Phillip Island isn't a tropical island.

"Tropical???? Couldn’t be further from the truth 😂😂," one user wrote.

"Careful, you’ll set off the Victorians," another replied before the original poster added, "I am a Victorian 😂 there’s no one here that believes that promo."

"It’s not tropical…" a third wrote, while a fourth added, "Hardly a tropical island."

"So actually just Phillip Island? Would be a real come down for anyone thinking it was 'paradise' 😂," one user pointed out.

The new teams on The Block 2024 season
The new teams for the 2024 season. Photo: Nine

"I love the hype but as a Phillip Island resident it’s not tropical here 🥶😂," someone else said.

"Never heard Phillip Island referred to as 'tropical' 🌴," yet another wrote.

Phillip Island's average temperature hovers around 23˚ in summer and experiences milder weather in comparison to Melbourne. In winter, the average highs are 14˚.

Many other fans commented that they hoped there'd be less drama than last year.

"Hope we see more renovating than drama this year 😆," one user said.

"Amen to that. No one cares about the drama. You want ratings, give us good quality TV," another replied.

"Last season was unrealistic and woeful," a third said.

Darren Palmer shirtless in red swimwear
Fans loved seeing Darren Palmer in his Baywatch look. Photo: Nine

"As long as there’s not another Kristy or Leah on The Block then I will watch it," someone else said.

"Multimillionaires will only be able to afford this!! 🤔," another pointed out. In recent years, the only people who seem to have purchased properties on the show are wealthy investors.

Others loved the trailer, with one fan writing, "Well done to the creative team on this one 👏."


"Ooo this looks good, hope it's better than last season!" another wrote.

"Looking forward to it!! Excited fan from Barbados. Love the redesign but appreciate the drama…" an overseas fan wrote.

"I'm so excited! 🙌 stuff the Olympics," another excited viewer wrote.

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