The Block 2024: Leaked photos show building site in shambles after filming wraps

EXCLUSIVE: A Phillip Island resident has said the filming location 'looks like a bomb site'.

The Block's Shelley Craft and Scott Cam.
The upcoming season of The Block officially wrapped filming earlier this month. Photo: Channel Nine

The upcoming season of The Block is officially in post-production after filming wrapped earlier this month until auction time. The show’s milestone twentieth season, set in Phillip Island located 90 minutes south of Melbourne, is expected to air on Channel Nine in August following the Olympic Games.

Although the contestants have flown back to their home states and returned to their everyday lives, photos shared on social media show that the building site still needs a lot of work before the properties are put on the market. An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that builders have been booked for the nine weeks between filming and when the show premieres to “sort everything out”.


“Phillip Island needs a lot of work before the five new houses can go to auction,” our source says. “Filming with the contestants finished two weeks ago and yet builders are still working away and completing common areas.

“All of the space between the houses is weeks away from being finished and that is going to take some time to sort out. This often happens but this year needs quite a lot of finessing.”

Meanwhile, a Phillip Island resident tells Yahoo Lifestyle the place “looks like a bomb site”.

The Block's building site in Phillip Island.
Builders have been booked to ‘sort everything out’ after the contestants returned to their home states. Photos: Facebook

While fans might be hoping for a drama-free season of the renovation series this year, a production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the show isn’t going to be as “sweet and lovely” as originally planned.

“Channel Nine has been keen to tone down the show's darker side in the edit because what happened down at Phillip Island was pretty wild,” confirms our source.

“Some participants will lean into their villain edit and others will shut down altogether. The problem is if you are pretending to be something you are not, viewers will usually see through that and hate you for something else anyway.”

A previous contestant tells Yahoo Lifestyle that it’s simply not possible to make a show like The Block without any dramas within the cast because of “human nature”.

“When the contestants are on top of each other and under that kind of pressure they behave like animals,” they share, while a former producer adds, “No matter how hard people try to go on The Block and be level-headed renovators, the mechanics of this show always get them in the end.”

The Block 2024 cast / Scott Cam in Phillip Island.
The Blue Team’s Jesse and Paige (left) quit the show six weeks into filming. Photos: Facebook

Yahoo Lifestyle revealed in April that six weeks into shooting the new season, one team decided to pull out of the competition. The Blue Team’s Jesse and Paige from Western Australia apparently decided to pull the pin as they buckled under the stress of the high-pressure environment, which a source tells us has been difficult to edit.

“You will just have to wait and see what happens but it is not something Australia has ever seen on The Block before,” they share.

“This year has absolutely been the most interesting season to edit, mainly due to one team quitting the series. Everyone is running with the whole ‘nothing to see here’ mantra in terms of why the WA team packs up and leaves but there is obviously more to that story.”


Although it’s tipped to be one of the most dramatic storylines in the history of the show, the insider claims that viewers won't learn exactly why the team decided to leave due to “fears of more ACMA complaints this year”.

"They move so quickly onto new storylines with their replacement team that it is really going to look like a non-event for viewers - which is the plan,” they detail.

“I don't think audiences will get the full story even when they watch the show because the editing is very clever.”

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