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EOFY sales: 20% off the silk pillowcase that improves your skin and hair health: 'An investment in self-care'

There's also an eye mask and cap in the set.

Winter can play havoc with your hair and skin. From cold weather outside, to dry heating inside, it can leave your locks frizzy and dry, and your skin dehydrated and dull.

Now there's a way to help your hair and skin while you sleep, so you wake up with a fresher face and smoother locks.

The Silk Store's three-piece Silk Gift Set contains a silk pillow, silk sleeping cap and silk eye mask - that all have a whole host of benefits.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can reduce friction and tugging on hair, leading to less hair breakage and fewer split ends. It can also help maintain hair moisture and natural oils, which in turn reduces frizz and improves hair health. Silk pillowcases are particularly great for anyone with curly hair to prevent overnight frizz and keep curls bouncy and smooth.

The Silk Store's three-piece Silk Gift Set
The Silk Store's three-piece Silk Gift Set contains a silk pillowcase, eye mask and sleep cap. Photo: Supplied

Silk is also extremely gentle on the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while also preventing creases and marks.

It's less likely to cause irritation or allergies compared to cotton or polyester. It can also help with temperature regulation, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, meaning you get a better night's sleep all year round.


The Silk Store's gift set, $169, is made from 100% pure Mulberry silk and comes in a range of colours, including champagne, emerald green, and dream blue.

Before and after hair photo
The difference between sleeping on cotton, and sleeping on silk. Photo: Supplied

Happy customers can't get enough of the luxurious set - or the results it gives.

"Waking up with smooth, frizz-free hair has been a delightful surprise," says one. "The silk is delicate, the quality is unparalleled, it truly is an investment in self-care," agrees another. "I’ve been using the silk pillowcase and cap for a few weeks now and it has made such a difference in my hair health. My skin is also super clear. I love them so much!"

To get 20% off the Silk Store's Silk Gift Set enter EOFY20 at checkout.

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