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The best-rated Philips air fryer on Amazon is now on sale - save $100

When you're shopping for an air fryer, you want one that's going to deliver on function, durability and last but definitely not least, style.

As an established household name in domestic appliances, Philips offers shoppers peace of mind when it comes to the quality of their products and their air fryers have hundreds, if not thousands of rave reviews.

You only need to look at a few of Philips' bestselling air fryers on Amazon to read how they've transformed the lives of home cooks everywhere.

Philips air fryers
Save on Philips' best-rated air fryers on Amazon now. Source: Amazon

And better yet, they're now on sale.


There is a lot of information about air fryers out there, so if you're finding it hard to narrow down, Philips' Air Fryer XXL has been officially stamped as Amazon's Choice, and it's now just $399, down from $499!

Save $100: Philips' Air Fryer XXL

Philips' black Premium XXL air fryer with the tray open revealing a cooked chicken against a white background
Stamped as Amazon's Choice, the Premium XXL air fryer is popular among home cooks. Photo: Amazon

What is it?

Available in white and black and in a smaller 0.8kg size, this sleek product can easily cook up to six portions and comes with hundreds of recipes in the free companion app.

This nifty air fryer features New Fat Removal technology which is designed to "extract and capture fat from the food" reducing the fat content of food by up to 90% without skipping out on flavour.

What people are saying

Already boasting nearly 500 rave reviews, people are loving the simplicity of cooking in the 1.4kg capacity with one raving, "food is 10 times better in this air fryer."

"This is the appliance you never knew you needed," another person wrote.

"Well done Philips, well done to the design team, you made a device that makes good fried chicken as seamless as possible.

"Best of its class."

Need something more compact for a cramped kitchen?

The 4.1L Essential is perfect and it's now on sale for $159 from $199!

Save $40: Philips 4.1L Essential air fryer

Philips' white compact Essential air fryer with two turn dials against a white background
Home cooks love the compact size of this functional air fryer. Photo: Amazon

What is it?

Delivered in an elegant white and rose gold, this striking and slim air fryer delivers on function just as much as it delivers on style.

Buyers love how easy it is to use the integrated timer featuring pre-set cooking programs which automatically shut off and play an alert sound when finished.

If you're unsure of what to cook, just take a quick flick through the free recipe app featuring hundreds of healthy recipes.

The NutriU app delivers daily recipe recommendations that suit your preferences, so you never have to worry about what to cook.

What people are saying

With over 100 high reviews, the compact Essential is popular with both couples and singles with one happy buyer even calling it the "best invention - ever!!!"

"I have only used the oven twice [since buying the air fryer]," they add.

"It is perfect for reheating, baking vegetables and cooking steaks, etc from frozen.

"Invaluable for singles and couples especially. Highly recommend."

However, if you're after the Rolls Royce of air fryers, you can't go past the Philips Premium Collection Air Fryer XXL.

Save $126: Philips Premium Collection Air Fryer XXL

Philips Premium XXL Air Fryer in white and champagne against a white background
Described as "the best of the best", the Premium XXL Philps Air Fryer comes with new features including two layers to cook twice as much food. Photo: Amazon

What is it?

Now just $503, down from from $629, the XXL Premium is as fabulous on the inside as it is on the outside, offered in ultra slick black and rose gold or white and champagne.

Its 7.3L capacity makes cooking large quantities a breeze and it comes with a double layer for cooking two dishes at once.

The fryer's Smart Sensing technology automatically adjusts time and temperature for perfect results and its Keep Warm feature ensures heat is retained for 30 minutes after cooking.

If you want to do it right once with no fuss, this is the fryer for you.

What people are saying

While this air fryer is only new, already it has a solid five-star rating from more than 100 happy cooks.

"OMG. This thing is amazing," one said.

"From frying salmon better than ever done on any BBQ to pork or bacon, this thing does the most incredible food.

"My only regret is not buying this earlier."

Looking for something just as large for less?

The Philips 6.2L Essential Air Fryer does a brilliant job on a budget, now just $249, down from $349.

Save $100: Philips 6.2L Essential Air Fryer

Philips' white Essential Air Fryer with a rose gold handle and black digital display against a white background
Shoppers love that this air fryer is "super quiet" compared to other brands and say it's so easy to use. Photo: Amazon

What is it?

Cooking five portions comfortably, the 1.2kg Essential has a 6.2L capacity to fry, roast, grill, bake, and reheat your favourite foods effortlessly.

This highly reviewed air fryer comes with seven pre-set cooking functions easily accessed through the large digital display and boasting rapid air technology that removes up to 90% of fat.

Like other fryers in the Philips range, it also comes with the free NutriU app featuring hundreds of healthy recipes cooked at the touch of a button.

What people are saying

Boasting a strong 4.5 stars, people love the ease and practicality of this fail-safe air fryer.

"A high-quality air fryer with a great digital display," one shopper revealed.

"It's super easy to clean. Makes hot potato chips from raw potatoes in 35 minutes - crunchy and perfectly cooked.

"One other thing I really like about it is that it's really quiet when running."

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