TikToker reveals 4 reasons why air fryers are better than ovens

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Since their arrival into our homes, air fryers have revolutionised cooking.

We've swapped glugs of oil and hours spent cooking and cleaning to a touch of a button that perfectly bakes, sears, fries and reheats food within 20 minutes.

A TikTok influencer has revealed four unique reasons why Air Fryer's are better than ovens. Source: Tik Tok/@stephcooksstuff / MyDeal
A TikTok influencer has revealed four unique reasons why Air Fryer's are better than ovens. Photo: TikTok/@stephcooksstuff / MyDeal

If you're a already confident cook though and know how to whip up a recipe in the oven, then why would you need an air fryer?

Well, one cook on TikTok has explained four unique reasons why an air fryer will benefit your life.

Yes, your life.

1. No preheating

"An oven is great, but [it's] big and it generates a lot of heat," Tik Tok star, @stephcooksstuff says in her video. "[It] takes quite a while to heat up and get to temperature.

"An air fryer uses a tiny space. It heats up really quickly," she adds.

Steph says that if you open the tray and release hot air, the air fryer will heat up quickly again when the tray is closed, removing the need to preheat.


2. Keeps the room temperature down

"The temperature in your room is significantly lower when you're using the air fryer as opposed to using the oven," Steph reveals.

You won't have hot steam condensing on your kitchen and pantry items, lowering the risk of mould on walls after frequent use.

3. Saving electricity

For her third reason, Steph reveals that air fryer's are "more efficient, as far as electricity is concerned," using only 20 minutes of electricity to cook most recipes.

According to techradar, a standard air fryer will use 0.75 kWh of electricity within 30 minutes, while an oven will use 1.5 kWh during the same period, saving you time and cost.

4. Saves heaps of time

You know those moments when you want to cook 1kg of chippies but you already can't be bothered?

Well, this is when the air fryer comes to the rescue.

"An air fryer cooks things 50% quicker than an oven," Steph tells her followers. And that's the kind of cooking we want when we have six hours of TV bingeing to accomplish.

"That is why you should buy an air fryer even though you have an oven," Steph summarises, and we couldn't agree with her more.

Now we're cooking

Steph's followers were in full agreement:

"I stopped using my oven and bought 3 types of Ninjas [air fryer's] instead," one person commented.

"Best decision ever!"

"Family of 6, never use our electric oven so I’m replacing it with a Metters for winter," a family cook wrote.

"LOVE the air fryer, use it daily!"

Interested in jumping on the air fryer bandwagon?

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Tefal's black air fryer on a white background.
Tefal's popular air fryer is now on sale for $129 at Myer. Photo: Myer

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