The Bachelors contestants' 'nasty girl' group chat leaks: 'F**king idiot'

It appears the cast has been fighting both on and off screen.

They had plenty of fights while filming The Bachelors on the Gold Coast last year, and now the season ten contestants appear to be at war in a WhatsApp group chat.

Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained several screenshots from the savage chat showing contestants Tash Candyce and Marjorie Griffiths clashing with Jasmine Absolom as others intervene.

.The Bachelors' Marjorie Griffith, Tash Candyce and Jasmine Absolom.
The Bachelors’ Marjorie Griffith, Tash Candyce and Jasmine Absolom have been fighting both on and off screen. Photos: Channel 10

“When did I laugh you f**king idiot. I'm sorry you're not relevant and didn't make the Daily Mail like I did,” Tash spat to Jasmine in one message, discussing an upcoming storyline where Jed McIntosh reveals a secret to the girls.

“I was just shocked that he didn't tell me when we have a right to know, but of course, you would know how production works.”


Jasmine went on to call Marjorie a “muppet” after she sided with Tash, prompting Majorie to respond: “Don't know who ya calling a muppet sweet heart you look like a squashed toilet roll.”

Tash then added: “Jasmine you're so weird! Please stop talking to me. I'm sorry Daily Mail don't find you interesting or any of the guys on the show.”

The Bachelors’ group chat.
Marjorie Griffiths told Jasmine she looks like 'a squashed toilet roll'. Photos: Channel 10

Attempting to diffuse the chat, Ella Thiele wrote: “Perhaps we should move on from this conversation, there's obviously differing opinions and it might be better to agree to disagree?”

Marjorie responded: “Agreed this ain't worth my time arguing with a worm like her.”

“Ella you're beautiful, couldn't agree more,” Jasmine added. “This nasty girl s**t is just gross.”

The Bachelors’ group chat.
Ella Thiele attempted to diffuse the drama. Photos: Channel 10

Tash and Jasmine’s on-screen drama

Tash and Jasmine first came to blows on The Bachelors after Tash told Felix McIntosh that his contestant Jessica Navin was in a polyamorous relationship outside of the show before she had a chance to tell him herself.

After this drama was hashed out at the cocktail party, Tash then outed Jasmine for having an OnlyFans account.


“The fact that Tash completely threw Jessica under the bus and now my information got shared without my permission, it’s so unbelievably disgusting to see someone act like that,” Jasmine said in her confessional.

While Tash and Jasmine were both competing for Jed’s affections on the show, Jasmine surprised everyone during Sunday night’s episode when she declined Jed’s rose and accepted Thomas Malucelli’s instead.

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