Jed McIntosh reveals huge Bachelor spoiler with secret song lyrics

The 25-year-old is one of the three leading men this season.

He’s currently looking for love on The Bachelors, but it appears 25-year-old drummer and songwriter Jed McIntosh may have accidentally revealed his fate on the dating show.

In October, two months after production wrapped, the musician quietly released a song where he sings about being heartbroken and hurt - leading fans to believe he fails to find ‘the one’ on the show and ends up with nobody.

The Bachelors' Jed McIntosh.
The Bachelors’ Jed McIntosh released a song in October about being heartbroken and hurt. Photo: Channel 10

“I cry so hard when no one's around. Flood of tears, please God just let me drown,” he sings in the emotional self-penned track, Drown.

“I said I'll never go back again, but I went, I went back. It got really bad, I'm so sorry dad. Please don't be mad, I couldn't help being sad. I’m so stuck on being sad.”


The lyrics are very telling as Jed said he was ready to “write his own love song” during Monday night's season premiere of The Bachelors.

Speaking to his band, he said: “We've written enough heartbreak songs, especially about me. It's time to write my own love song.”

The Bachelors' Jed McIntosh.
Jed is one of the three leading men this season. Photo: Channel 10

'He seemed very single'

This comes after it was reported in August last year that Jed was spotted partying at Sussudio in Potts Point and “approaching girls”.

“He seemed very single,” one woman he spoke with told Yahoo Lifestyle.


“It was really weird he was there on his own, he told us he was waiting for his mates but no one came. We left at around 3am and he was still there on his own. It’s as if he just went out to meet people.”

The source added that when she asked about The Bachelor, he said it was “a good experience” but “couldn’t confirm” if he is still with anyone.

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