Bachelorette fans slam ‘terrifying’ first single date: ‘Not romantic’

The ground-breaking new season of The Bachelorette is well and truly underway, with Brooke Blurton taking ‘Persian Prince’ Darvid Garayeli on the first single date on Thursday night.

The 27-year-old made quite the impression on Brooke during the premiere episode, earning the coveted white rose after arriving on a lawnmower, sharing tea on the red carpet, and then gifting her a ‘magic lamp’.

Bachelorette Brooke and Darvid.
Brooke chose to take Darvid on the first single date this season. Photo: Channel Ten

On the date, the pair enjoyed a helicopter ride to the Blue Mountains so they could quite literally hang out on the side of a cliff for a picnic in the rain.

“Wow it’s really pouring down isn’t it, this is a Notebook moment,” Brooke remarked.

“I actually don’t mind it. There’s no one else I’d rather be stuck up here with,” Darvid replied, before adding it was “one of the best days” of his life.


While Brooke and Darvid were clearly smitten with each other on the date, fans online were too concerned about the rather intense situation.

“I’m sorry, but dangling off cliffs is terrifying and not in the least romantic,” one person tweeted.

Bachelorette Brooke and Darvid hanging on the side of a cliff.
The pair had a picnic while hanging on the side of a cliff, which fans called “a nightmare”. Photo: Channel Ten

“Thank gosh they had the scary date because you can’t even make up that there was chemistry there. Maybe more fear?” another added.

“Why does this show always make the first date completely terrifying?” someone else pointed out.

“This date looks like a nightmare. You’re hanging off a cliff in the rain and you could fall to your death at any second. Deeply unpleasant,” a fourth wrote.

“Okay but could you imagine if someone didn’t disclose they had a fear of heights and just had a panic attack on what’s supposed to be the best date,” a different user said.

Looking back at previous seasons, it turns out it's not the first time the franchise has used this fear-inducing style of date in the Blue Mountains.

Bachelorette Elly Miles and Frazer on their Blue Mountains date.
Previous seasons of the Bachelor franchise have used a similar-style date. Photo: Channel Ten

Last year, Bachelorette Elly Miles took eventual winner Frazer Neate on a similar experience where they were lowered down from the Scenic Skyway to enjoy champagne on a swing-like seat.

Georgia Love and Jake Ellis also had a comparable date on their season where they were harnessed together and descended to the bottom of the forest floor from the cable car.

Meanwhile, Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich from season one of The Bachelor had a slightly less terrifying date having a picnic atop the yellow cable car in the picturesque environment.

The fact that Brooke chose to take Darvid on such an iconic date has seemingly cemented the fan theory that Darvid will be the one to win Brooke’s heart this season.

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