The Bachelor: Rumoured winner 'spoils' shows ending on Insta

Kristine Tarbert
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Irena Srbinovska is considered one of the frontrunners for Bachelor Locky Gilbert’s heart and now it’s thought she may have spoiled the ending of the series with a simple ‘like’ on Instagram.

The 31-year-old nurse reacted to an Instagram comment posted by a fan, who said she was 'too good' for Locky, sparking rumours the pair have split since filming the finale.

Irena on The Bachelor Australia 2020.
Irena may have spoiled the ending of the series online. Photo: Channel 10.

“You're too good for him tho!!!” the fan wrote, adding two rose emojis. And Irena was one of seven people who ‘liked’ the comment, The Wash reported.

Irena has been the bookies' favourite since the first episode, however some think this could indicate that she and Locky don’t actually get their happy ending after all.

irena liked instagram comment 'too good' for locky
Irena liked this comment online. Photo: Instagram

Either that, or she was simply appreciative of the compliment left by the fan.


It’s been clear from the first promos of the series that the finale was going to be a doozy, with Locky revealing he had fallen in love with both of the final two women - making the decision to choose just one particularly agonising.

bachelor australia irena and locky
Irena has been a frontrunner from the start. Photo: Channel 10

The rumour mill has certainly been in overdrive since the series kicked off, although that is all it is at this stage, with the actual outcome of the show still a secret.

Though, according to the Daily Mail, the finale looks like it will bring the drama with reports Locky actually rejects Irena before choosing Bella Varelis.

But Bella then turns him down because she can't handle the fact he is also in love with Irena, leaving Locky to beg Irena to take him back.

Only time will tell!

The Bachelor continues Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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