The Bachelor's Laura Calleri 'ripped off by guy who likes Bintang'

Sarah Carty
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She certainly made her mark on her entrance to The Bachelor mansion, telling Locky Gilbert the best present she had ever received was a Louis Vuitton purse from her ex.

And now, Laura Calleri has claimed she feels ‘ripped off’ after her and Locky didn’t click on the show, with the 24-year-old being sent home on Wednesday night.

Laura Calleri  on The Bachelor 2020
Laura Calleri has slammed The Bachelor, saying she feels 'ripped off'. Photo: Channel 10

“Surely they would be able to do some good matchmaking for me now since I got ripped off by a guy that likes Bintang,” Laura said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“I have never been to Bali. From there, it was a bit like I didn’t know if we were going to click, especially because fake designer stuff is a massive faux pas and I am really not about that.”

“If he doesn’t appreciate my expensive taste, then it won’t work.”


Laura didn’t mince her words when she told 10Play she barely knew Locky as she never got to go on a single date with him.

Laura Calleri on The Bachelor 2020 with Locky Gilbert
Laura was sent home on Wednesday night after failing to receive a rose. Photo: Channel 10

“I had only been on group dates and I didn’t get extra time on either of those. Cocktail parties you’re always competing for his attention… but this is the nature of what we were getting into,” she said.

The marketing coordinator went on to say that she was shocked at how heavily she featured in the first episode of the show and found the online backlash difficult to deal with.

“All the middle-aged mums now realise that I’m joking and I’m dry and sarcastic,” she said.

“I suppose people were quite shocked at my red carpet and now they kind of love me and think I’m hilarious.”

Last night, Locky Gilbert and his chosen ladies began dating in lockdown via Zoom.

Viewers, however, were shocked when they saw the first virtual single date between Izzy Sharman-Firth and Locky take place due to its X-rated nature.

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