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The 'fantastic' natural sleep remedy insomniacs love: 'It's given me the gift of sleep'

Ditch powders and pills for a patch.

Sleep is an essential part of wellbeing, but that doesn't mean we prioritise it. Seventy-three per cent of Aussies don't get enough sleep according to the 2024 Global Sleep Survey, with 23 per cent of people saying they've struggled with interrupted sleep for as long as they can remember.

Now insomniacs have discovered a natural sleep aid that's bringing them the shut-eye they need.

"This patch has given me the gift of sleep that has eluded me for years," says one happy customer.

"This is the best natural sleep remedy and I've tried everything," agrees another. "There's no drowsiness in the morning. I couldn't be without them now."

Woman using SLEEP patch on her wrist
The Patch Remedy's SLEEP patch is a natural sleep aid. Photo: Supplied

The Patch Remedy's best selling SLEEP patch uses cutting edge topical technology so you don't have to pop pills or take tablets. All you need to do is stick the patch on to your skin before bedtime, and let the natural ingredients relax you.

Each patch is infused with valerian, passionflower and hops to help promote a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Valerian is often referred to as "nature's Valium" and promotes tranquility, while improving mood and reducing anxiety. Passionflower has been shown in clinical studies to help quiet your mind so you can get to sleep, and can also help regulate your nervous system.


Magnesium Glycinate can help relax muscles, ease twitches, tics and muscle cramps, and help to reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, while hops encourage sleep by subduing anxiety, restlessness and irritability. Its anti-inflammatory qualities bring a calming effect to help manage anxiety. When combined with Valerian, it has a calming sedative effect.

There's also a SLEEP with Lavender aromatherapy patch so you can let the gentle scent lull you into a deep sleep.

The patches, $35 for 12, have a sustained release that lasts between 12 and 24 hours.

The Patch Remedy SLEEP patch
The SLEEP patch contains all-natural ingredients. Photo: Supplied

SLEEP patches have get rave reviews

Many people who take sleeping tablets or melatonin complain they can feel groggy the next morning, but the SLEEP patches mean you wake up alert.

Great for travelling because they're so compact and discreet, they can also be used on long journeys to help you get some rest.

The patches have a seriously loyal fanbase who swear by the simple squares.

"These little patches have been an absolute game changer for me, allowing me to come off sleeping tablets," says one customer. "I've been dropping off to sleep so much more quickly and I have great sleep quality," says another. "They're fantastic."

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