Target shopper's genius hack transforms baskets into light-up tables: 'Easy peasy'

With summer on its way, we're all looking for ways to create magical areas outside for relaxing and entertaining.

One mum recently found an ordinary bamboo basket at Target and immediately saw the potential to upcycle it into something special.

Light-up side tables made from Target bamboo baskets.
The light-up side tables, featuring $35 Target bamboo baskets, look great at night. Photo: Supplied

"A little DIY project over the weekend. I used 2 x 60cm teak rounds and the remote-controlled puck lights from Bunnings as well as 2 x baskets from Target. Pretty happy with the results for my outdoor area," Kellie, an empty nester from the Gold Coast, wrote in a post on the Bunnings Mums Australia group on Facebook.

"Here's what I did, I used a light coat of white spray paint on the outside of the baskets.

"I white washed the teak round with 3 coats of liming white varnish as I wanted the colour to be more muted," Kellie wrote in the comments section of her post.


"Then I used my hot glue gun to secure the bottom of the basket to the wood so it stayed in place. Then, used small screws to secure it. I used the hot glue gun to attach the base of the puck light to the inside of the basket, once it was cool I attached the rest of the puck light, this was so it can be removed to change the batteries.

"Both puck lights run from the same remote. That's it, easy peasy!" she concluded

The group loved the spectacular result, with the post getting over 400 likes and 60 comments.

The table in the day next to the lit up table at night casting light around the space in a organic polka dot pattern
The light white wash on the tables makes them look modern during the day while really coming into their own at night. Photo: Supplied

"First pic: yeah that looks nice. Second pic: ooohhhh!!" one person wrote after seeing the table in daylight and then at night.

"Wow how beautiful is this," another added, while a third wrote: "Absolutely gorgeous, well done!"

Lots of group members were keen to try the hack out for themselves as well, tagging friends and family members into the post

"[We] should do this for the garden," one commented.

"Would look nice on your deck," another wrote, tagging her friend.

"These are amazing! Erin we should make these," another said.

A $35 bamboo basket from Target, puck lights from Bunnings and a teak round table top from Bunnings.
Kellie used a $35 bamboo basket from Target, $19 puck lights from Bunnings and a teak round table top, that was marked down to $10 from Bunnings. Photo: Supplied

For Kellie, who used to be a graphic designer, and is now a registered midwife, this is just one of many creative projects she's done around her home.

"I actually made a pendant light for my spare room following a post on another page and it had a puck light in it," she told Yahoo Lifestyle. "I am now creating a reading nook and I was out getting a few things and saw a basket that I thought I could use as a side table for books.

"I have heaps of the wooden rounds from Bunnings that I got for $10 each marked down from $30 and thought I would use one as a tabletop.

"Then when I was putting it together I put a puck light inside – it just sort of happened. But I am very happy with the results."

She was pleasantly surprised with the reactions to her post too.

"The feedback has been great and I hope people got some inspiration from it."

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