Kmart shopper's $50 hack for dupe of $2000 lamp: 'Stunning'

The right homewares can really lift a room but we can't always afford the designer offering.

National retailers such as Kmart, Aldi and Bunnings often come up with discount versions, but when DIY enthusiast Nicole Herrick saw an interesting looking pot at Kmart, she knew she could hack it and create a designer lamp dupe.

"KMART HACK! I made these designer inspired lamps using Kmart plant pots. I have a tutorial in case anyone wants to make one too," Nicole wrote on a Kmart fan Facebook page.

A finished lamp in the style of a designer lamp; the Kmart plant pots used to make the base; the new lamp shade that was used.
Nicole spent $50 creating the lamps using Kmart pots, a Kmart lamp and a lamp shade from Bunnings. Photo: Youtube/@NicoleHerrickDIY; Kmart; Bunnings (Youtube/@NicoleHerrickDIY & Google)

Sculptural lamps are a big thing in home decor trends at the moment and have been seen everywhere from décor magazines to The Block.

"Table lamps with sculptural shapes and bold designs turn your lamps into pieces of art, providing interest even when the lamp is turned off," Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin Interior Design, says.

The lamps she was emulating range in price from $385 to well over $2,000 but Nicole created her version for just over $50!

Linden table lamp, $2,325; Anderson ceramic table lamp, $385; The Dexter Lamp, $575.
Linden table lamp, $2,325; Anderson ceramic table lamp, $385; The Dexter Lamp, $575. Photo: Google (Youtube/@NicoleHerrickDIY & Google)

Nicole combined two $7 Kmart plant pots, glued together with Gorilla glue with a $10 Kmart table lamp. She then completed the lamp with the Kimono Paper Weave lampshade, $27.50, from Bunnings.

The members of her Facebook group just loved the result too.

"Love the lamp well done looks fabulous," one wrote, while another added: "Looks stunning. Love the idea with the lamp and bubble pot. I might have to pinch this!"

The lamp bases Nicole used aren't in stock at the moment in Kmart, but she comments on her video that there are similar ones available at Bunnings and Ikea.

"I came up with the idea as I was making over my whole bedroom and wanted texture in all the elements as it was a neutral colour scheme," Nicole told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"When I saw the bubble pots at Kmart I knew I had seen something like it in designer pieces and discovered the designer 'bobble' lamp trend and how expensive they all were.

"It was such a great way to achieve a high-end look on a tiny budget."


While Nicole is not a tradie she does enjoy DIY and learning techniques to create and fix things around the home.

"If MacGyver and Martha Stewart had a love child, I think I'd be it," she says on her YouTube channel.

"I grew up in country NSW where we didn’t have access to many shops to buy and fix things around the house so my mum and I would head down to the shed and see what we could McGuyver to create or fix whatever we needed from old items," she told us.

"My mum told me that: 'a woman can do anything a man can do and don’t ever let anyone ever tell you different'."

"She taught me the basics of figuring out how something works by pulling it apart and basic DIY. I taught myself how to use power tools," Nicole added.

Her past projects have included a $1,000 complete kitchen renovation, a DIY bone inlay buffet and how to create on-trend art pieces in just 20 minutes!

Nicole's 'How to' videos are also very useful if you're about to start a DIY project yourself and are just a beginner.

But first, we're off to Kmart for some plant pots...

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