Mum shares genius ironing hack: 'Actually works'

If there is a hack to cut housework, I'm all for trying it.

While everyone has a chore they dislike more than others, mine is ironing.

I avoid buying clothes that need ironing, I touch things up with my straightening iron and I've even been know to embrace a wrinkled shirt and simply wear it, rather than get the board and iron out.

Believe me, I've tried hanging said shirt in the bathroom while I shower; it's still wrinkled and now slightly damp.

The Mum shared an amazing hack to decrease the amount you have to iron. Source: TikTok
The Mum shared an amazing hack to decrease the amount you have to iron. Source: TikTok

When I saw three simple home hacks had clocked up 3 million views in three days, I thought I'd better check them out.


Guess what the second tip was: how to cut down ironing.

"Add these three simple tips to make life easier (we all need that!)," Melbourne mum Chantel Mila shared.

"Which one will you try first?" she asks Instagram followers.

"1. Buff coconut oil into leather boots to help waterproof them before leaving the house. You can also use beeswax.

"2. Place two ice cubes into the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. This creates a steamy environment that helps reduce wrinkles without ironing. You can also use a wet face towel.

"3. Remove makeup stains from clothes quickly using shaving cream. So many of you requested a stain removal tip and this is a trick that makeup artists swear by! Stains disappear like magic."

Of course it was the ironing tip that caught my attention.

TikTok hack for reducing ironing for clothes and bed linen, top down picture a a pair of of shoes on a wooden floor with the words
Chantel Mila shares her hack for reducing ironing. Photo: TikTok/@mama_mila_

"You can use ice or a wet towel," Chantel said.

"It creates steam, which removes the wrinkles like an iron would."

"Wow; the ice in the dryer," one person wrote.

"This actually works. I do it all the time," another commented.

If you like crisp wrinkle-free sheets, Chantel shares a tip hotels use to get their beds looking perfect.

"Lay your sheets on the bed and spray tap water, " she demonstrates.

"Continue to spray as you tuck the sheets tightly.

You can see the creases reducing."

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