Target shoppers go wild for $50 dupe of $780 Victoria Beckham jeans: 'Flying out the door'

These are the $50 jeans from Target that everyone is talking about.

Victoria Beckham jeans dupe target
The fashion stylist shared the Target dupe of Victoria Beckham's favourite jeans. Photo: Instagram/@brookefalvey

Attention, dupe lovers! Target has just dropped the ultimate style knock-off that has fashionistas rushing to grab a pair before they disappear. These $50 jeans are giving Victoria Beckham's $780 Alina Jeans a run for their money, and boy do they look similar.

When fashion stylist Brooke Falvey drops a dupe, you know it's a must-have. Falvey, known on socials for her keen eye for fashion and regular dupe alerts, couldn't resist sharing her find, declaring to her followers, "Vicky, I love you but I'm not paying $780 for a pair of your jeans when I can pay $50 at Target."

"You've made it really clear to me that you guys love a dupe," she continued, "so today I have a pair of wide-leg jeans that are a dupe for the $780 Victoria Beckham Alina Jeans."


Trying them on for social media, Brooke declared, "They're just like the Victoria Beckham ones—very high-waisted, front pockets, wide flared legs, and a wide hemline at the base. They're so nice and fitted... with elastane, so they should stay that way. Plus, they don't add too much bulk through the thigh."

Social media erupted with excitement in the way only a high-end dupe can muster.

"I love this mid-wash, and I think there are lots of ways I could wear them," commented one follower.

"Oh, I love these!" exclaimed another.

"They're so slimming and comfy," chimed in a satisfied customer.

Target's Mila Denim Super High Rise Wide Leg Full Length Jeans (left and middle) are giving Victoria Beckham's Alina jeans (right) but without the $780 price tag. Photo: Target/Instagram/Victoria Beckham
Target's Mila Denim Super High Rise Wide Leg Jeans offer the look of Victoria Beckham's Alina jeans without the $780 price tag. Photo: Target/Instagram/Victoria Beckham

"These jeans are the best; they're so flattering," added another fan enthusiastically.

"I have been eyeing these jeans for a few weeks, and I just saw this reel which made me get on and actually buy them before they sell out!" one shopper shared.


"These are the BEST jeans," agreed yet another convert, "they will stretch a bit... I wear mine all the time!"

Even Falvey herself suggested grabbing a pair quickly, as they're likely to be "flying out the door like proverbial hotcakes."

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