Sunrise star shocks hosts with 'disgusting' tattoo on live TV

Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and Michael Usher were left stunned on Monday morning after their colleague Katie Brown debuted her “disgusting” tattoo live on-air.

Katie, who is a sports reporter for 7NEWS Queensland, revealed that she had “lost a bet” to her New South Wales colleague Michelle Bishop after the Maroons were defeated in the second State of Origin game in Perth on Sunday night.

Sunrise's Mark Beretta looking shocked by Katie Brown's NSW tattoo.
Sunrise presenter Katie Brown revealed that she had ‘lost a bet’ after State of Origin and had to get a NSW tattoo. Photos: Channel Seven

“Sorry mum and dad, this is a morning of firsts,” she said, before lifting her sleeve to show a ‘GO THE BLUES’ tattoo on her left forearm.

“Yeah, it’s disgusting. It is so disgusting.”


The hosts in the studio gasped at the reveal, while sports presenter Mark Beretta laughed in disbelief and remarked that she wouldn’t be allowed back in her home state.

“I always told mum and dad I wouldn’t get a tattoo and look, it’s pretty real,” she added. “I’m going to have to go see a tattoo artist and get that removed this morning stat before I fly back tonight.”

Sunrise's Natalie Barr and Michael Usher looking shocked.
Natalie Barr and Michael Usher were left stunned by the tattoo reveal. Photo: Channel Seven

Nat, who had been watching the situation unfold in complete shock, then chimed in and asked Katie how late she had gotten the tattoo done.

“How late? It was pretty early,” she replied with a laugh. “It was a quick job, It only took a couple of minutes actually. I was pretty impressed with the stencil work, it wasn’t freehand.”

At the end of the segment, Michael told his fellow hosts that he’s excited to learn “what the revenge bet” will be for Michelle if Queensland wins the third State of Origin game in Cairns next month.

“She might have it on her forehead at the way it’s going,” Sally Bowrey suggested.


Shortly after the video was shared on social media, Katie reposted it on her Twitter alongside the caption: “Hate it”

However, it didn’t take long for followers to share their suspicion that the tattoo wasn’t entirely real.

“Fake tat,” one person wrote.

“Too bad it's not real,” another added. “It'd be a bit more red if it was only a few hours old…”

“What a load of horse manure,” a third replied. “Easy to see that is biro and also if she had that done it would still be covered also redness around it and shiny through Vaseline. Must think we are so dumb!”

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