Sunrise’s Sam Mac gives ‘cruel’ Christmas gift to girlfriend: ‘Creepy’

The weatherman's prank gift didn't go down well.

Sunrise star Sam Mac is known for being a prankster, and his girlfriend Rebecca James often bears the brunt of his outrageous stunts. The pair celebrated their first Christmas with their baby daughter Margot in Melbourne and the weatherman couldn’t resist organising a ‘cruel’ surprise.

Sharing his secret plan in an Instagram video, he revealed that he was bringing a ‘creepy’ elf along for the ride. “We’re about to drive from Sydney to Melbourne for Christmas, and there’s an extra passenger. Bec thought she’d seen the last of this guy. He’s coming with us,” he told the camera.

L: Sunrise star Sam Mac, daughter Margot and girlfriend Rebecca James. R: Sam Mac's hand reveals a small elf hand in a bag
Sunrise star Sam Mac played a Christmas prank on his girlfriend. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

The next shot shows Bec opening a present on Christmas Day, with the TV presenter giggling in the background. “It’s something very special, very dear to your heart,” he quips.

When she realises it’s the ugly elf, she looks shocked as she pulls it out of the box.


“Seriously? How the hell did this make it to Melbourne?” Rebecca asks in disbelief. “I think it needs to go back in the box,” she decides, before stuffing the elf out of view.

Fans couldn’t believe the star went through with his prank, with many telling his girlfriend to burn the elf.

“Now that’s just bloody cruel Sam. Rebecca paybacks, just remember paybacks,” one fan said.

“That is the UGLIEST Christmas decoration I’ve ever seen!” another exclaimed.

“Oh she might accidentally lose the tone,” a third chimed in.


Others warned the weatherman not to push his girlfriend too far.

“Lol a night on the couch is in your future Sam Mac lol,” one person commented.

“I think Sam is trying to be single again,” another asked.

“I think you may be travelling home on the roof racks Sam,” a third remarked.

“You are dicing with your life Sam,” wrote another.

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