Sunrise's Kochie and Nat Barr lose it over Sam Mac's blunder: 'Don't cut that'

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The Sunrise team was left in stitches this morning as weatherman Sam Mac reported live while sitting in a kayak on the Murray River, looking very out of place.

The reporter was lying down in the kayak, which was being manoeuvred by a man named Dave, and almost ended up in the water after a sudden movement.

Sunrise hosts David 'Kochie' Koch and Nat Barr laughing
Sunrise hosts David 'Kochie' Koch and Nat Barr were left in stitches after weatherman Sam Mac attempted to exit a kayak. Photo: Seven

Hosts Nat Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch were in hysterics watching the whole situation unfold.

"Careful!" Kochie yelled as the Sam almost ended up in the water.


"Sometimes, when you take someone out of a city and put them into a regional environment, that's exactly what you get!" Nat added as producers were seen pulling Sam by his feet so that he could exit the kayak.

"No, we're fine! We blend in like locals!" Sam joked.

Monique Wright added, "I want to see him get off, do this gracefully!"

Nat, Kochie and Sam Mac
The hosts also laughed as Dave tried to exit the kayak. Photo: Seven

"Don't cut that," Nat agreed, as they all watched Sam jump out of the kayak with a spin move.

"What a dismount! Get me into the Winter Olympics!" Sam joked.

All three hosts in the newsroom were unable to contain their laughter which continued when Dave exited the kayak in a similarly ungraceful way to Sam.

"See! Even the professionals!" he added.

"I wonder if Mrs Dave is looking," Nat joked. "She'll be impressed, 'That's my boy!'"

"She's walked past the TV and gone, 'That's Dave!'" Kochie added.

Sam Mac falls of skateboard
Sam recently had his team in stitches when he was skateboarding for a live cross earlier this year and fell off the board. Photo: Seven

"'I recognise that!'" Nat continued.

Sam recently had his team in stitches when he was skateboarding for a live cross earlier this year and fell off the board.

The board came out from under him as he went up a ramp with the presenter joking that they couldn't end on that note and asked to bring out a skateboarding puppy to lighten the mood.

"The dog was more coordinated!" one follower wrote on Instagram.

"Ohhhhhh, someone’s going to be sore tomorrow!!! Hope you’re ok," another added.

"You handled that well. I feel I would do the same thing but look a whole lot less graceful," a third said.

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