Sunrise star Sam Mac’s prank backfires live on-air: ‘Didn’t care’

He’s known for his tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and cheeky stunts, but Sam Mac left his Sunrise colleagues Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch unimpressed with a continuous on-air prank on the breakfast show.

The weather presenter took to Instagram on Wednesday to post a video montage of the amusing segment, which took place in April but was re-shared as one of his favourite moments of the year.

Nat Bar, David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Sam Mac wearing a blue scarf.
Kochie wasn’t impressed with Sam Mac’s on-air stunt. Photos: Channel Seven

“I styled my scarf in a different way for every single live cross… For no apparent reason and without referencing it,” he captioned the post. “No. 5 in my top videos of 2021.”

The edited clip, which is set to an instrumental version of Dua Lipa’s song Levitating, shows Sam wearing a blue scarf in seven varying forms during his morning in Tabilk, Victoria.


His last live cross saw him with the scarf wrapped around his head, to which Kochie disapprovingly shook his head while Nat simply giggled.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed guys, but I’ve never been a scarf guy,” Sam said.

“Yes, we just didn’t care,” Kochie quipped.

While he might not have received praise from his Channel Seven colleagues, plenty of Sam’s Instagram followers rushed to the comments to applaud the prank.

“Love your sense of fun,” one fan wrote, followed by another who said the joke was “flipping brilliant”.

“You are always a world of entertainment, it's so great to start the day on a funny note instead of all the Rona talk,” a third added.

“Versatility has always been your strength,” someone else wrote, while Sam replied, “When they zig, I zag”.

Others remarked that he is a “style icon” and a “legend”, and one person suggested he should do it every week.

Sam Mac wearing a blue scarf two different ways.
Fans called Sam a ‘style icon’. Photos: Channel Seven

The Sunrise star’s video comes shortly after he shared a photo of himself on Instagram trolling his Channel Seven colleague Matt Doran on his wedding day.

Sam poked fun at Matt's disastrous interview with Adele back in November, for which he has since apologised, and posed next to him holding a magazine cover of the British superstar.

“Trolling in the deep,” he captioned the photo of himself with his girlfriend Rebecca James, Matt, and Weekend Today producer Kendall Bora.

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