Sunrise star Mark Beretta opens up about his biggest family regret

After starring on Sunrise since 2004, sports presenter Mark Beretta has now revealed his biggest regret about his impressive television career.

The 55-year-old admitted to New Idea that because of his early morning starts and constant travel around the country, he wishes he could have spent more time at home with his children when they were younger.

Mark Beretta and the Sunrise team.
Mark Beretta says he wishes he spent more time at home with his kids in the morning rather than waking up early for Sunrise. Photo: Instagram/markberetta

“When the kids were little, they went to bed early and all the lights were off in our house by 7pm. But now they are staying up later and sleeping in, and you’re missing that family time in the morning,” he said.

“Looking back, you think, I would have loved to spend more time at home, but life is what it is and you make the most of it.”

Mark went on to say that his role on the Channel Seven breakfast show has given him “extraordinary benefits” for which he is very grateful, and he has “no complaints”.


Speaking about his children, 17-year-old Ava and 14-year-old Daniel, Mark described them as “the great levellers”.

“I have a wonderful wife, Rach, who keeps me grounded and my two kids let me get away with nothing,” he said.

“If I ever come home feeling too good about myself, they bring me back to earth. To them I’m just husband and dad.”

Mark, who was named Australian Father of the Year in 2019, also revealed that his two kids have inherited his love for watching motorsports.

Mark Beretta and his family.
Mark was named Australian Father of the Year in 2019. Photo: Instagram/markberetta

Mark’s family admission comes shortly after his fellow Sunrise colleagues, Nat Barr and Edwina Bartholomew, opened up about dealing with trolls.

The breakfast show stars spoke candidly about the increased spotlight on them and why it’s important to “block out the hate”.

“I think the easiest thing is to block them and not get sucked in,” Nat told New Idea.

Meanwhile, Eddy’s opinion on receiving hate and criticism on social media has changed since she became a mum to her daughter, Molly, in 2019.

“I used to weigh into it a lot more and fixate on it, but it can be really bad for your mental health,” she explained.

“I take the same approach as Nat now and I tend to block, occasionally I engage if I think it’s informative… But I don’t go further down that rabbit hole because it’s a fruitless waste of time.”

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