Sunrise's Natalie Barr reveals hidden detail underneath her desk

Sunrise host Natalie Barr let viewers have a sneaky look around the set of the breakfast show on Monday, sharing a behind the scenes video with her followers on Instagram.

The television host started the video with a shot of the Sunrise desk, before tilting down to reveal multiple heaters sitting underneath the desk near her feet.

On the left, a shot of heaters and a foot wearing a black shoe on the Sunrise set. On the right, Natalie Barr taking a photo of herself in a pink cardigan.
Sunrise host Natalie Barr showed off her collection of heaters in the 'freezing' studio. Photo: Instagram/natalie_barr7

Referencing the Sydney cold snap, the presenter captioned the video: “Winter is coming. Heaters = check. Thermals in the freezing studio = check.

“Me whinging about how cold it is = check. Sorry Kochie and Beretts!”

Natalie went on to complain about how cold the studio was in the comments, telling a fan that the studio is never heated properly.

“I had 3 thermals on this morning. The studio is freezing,” she replied to one of her followers.


The TV personality shared a photo of herself in a bright pink cardigan on Tuesday, captioning the image with “Come and get me polar blast. Cardi = check.”

Fans went wild for her look, with one writing: “I love this colour on you Nat!!”

“Beautiful in pink,” another wrote.

“Wow, pink is your colour. You look amazing as usual,” a third added.

Natalie Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch present the morning news on Sunrise. Natalie Barr is wearing a pink cardigan and her hair is tied up.
Viewers loved Natalie's bright pink cardigan. Photo: Seven

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Woman models pink cardigan on shopping graphic
Shop Nat Barr's pink cardigan for less

This comes after Natalie was seen in stitches after her co-host David ‘Kochie’ Koch was sledged live on air about his ‘inflated’ salary.

While speaking to Carsales Editor-in-Chief Mike Sinclair, the hosts were discussing the best mid-size SUVs for the year when the quip came.

Kochie asked Sinclair how much a Kia Sportage would cost, and his response was unexpected: “The Sportage range starts just under $40,000 and this one, which is the top of the range called the GT line, this one is I think about $53,000.

“So Kochie, I think somebody of your abilities, with your inflated pay packet, I’m sure you could afford it,” he joked.

Natalie and Mark Beretta couldn’t hold back their laughter, with Natalie praising Sinclair for his joke.

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