Sunrise and Today: Controversial and hilarious moment from the shows in 2021

There is nothing like morning wars across the different channels' breakfast shows to add intrigue and get viewers tuning in.

However, apart from the odd unexpected announcement, it's the funny moments that really connect and make the presenters relatable to their fans at home.

Here are our top picks from Sunrise and Today that shocked and had us laughing into our cornflakes!

It was the funny moments that stayed with us through 2021. Photos: Getty, Nine Network and Channel 7.
It was the funny moments that stayed with us through 2021. Photos: Getty, Nine Network and Channel 7.


Sam Armytage quits

Sunrise's leading lady Samantha Armytage shocked viewers when she stood down from the morning show on air in March this year.

"As many of you know, my personal life the last six months has been very bittersweet," she told viewers on the show.

"Some bits have been very happy and some bits have been very, very sad and I want to step out of this public world for a while, take some time and calm things down."

Sam also revealed she'd become disillusioned by the world of television: "TV isn’t a place that’s necessarily very healthy. It’s full of sociopaths and narcissists – it can be a dangerous environment, let me tell you."

Samantha Armytage attends Golden Eagle Day at Rosehill Gardens on October 31, 2020 in Sydney, Australia.
Samantha Armytage wanted a break from life in the limelight. Photo: Getty Images

Allison Langdon teasing a departure

When Sam Armytage announced she was leaving Sunrise after eight years, her counterparts over at Today had a cheeky dig.

"Well, for now I'd just like to say I am leaving," Allison Langdon told co-presenter Karl Stefanovic just an hour after Sam said her on-air goodbyes.

"Are you?" Karl asked, but Allison added she was just leaving "the studio".

All of the presenters on Today laughed at the exchange before entertainment reporter Brooke Boney added: "Ally, that is spicy. That is so spicy!"

Allison Langdon hugging Karl Stefanovic on her first day back at work after her leg injury
Karl welcomes Allison back before she jokes she's leaving. Photo: Nine Network

Mistaken Identities

Natalie Barr had to keep a straight face after Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce called her the wrong name in a live interview.

"Well, Fran, as I said, it's unambiguous that they left Australia in a better position," he said, in answer to one of Nat's first questions.

While Nat didn't bat an eyelid at that slip of the tongue, when Barnaby realised his mistake later in the interview and corrected himself, Nat was quick with a reply.

"Fran, you don't litigate it on television, but it's fair to say, at the start - I'm calling you Fran - that was just the interview I did. Nat, sorry about that," he said.

"It's okay Fred, keep going," Nat quipped back.

Stills of deputy PM Barnaby Joyce in Canberra and Natalie Barr from Seven's Sunrise studio
Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce repeatedly called Sunrise's Natalie Barr "Fran" during their interview. Photo: Channel 7

Allison throws shade on Karl

After interviewing Sophie Monk for this year's season of Beauty and the Geek, Allison jokingly threw shade at co-anchor Karl.

"I love it when the geeks find love," Allison said, as they exited the interview, to which Karl replied: "Bloody smart guys."

Allison then consoled him with "can't have everything," before adding "actually what do you have?"

Karl Stefanovic grimacing and Allison Langdon laughing on the set of Today
Allison Langdon ribs Karl Stefanovic about his smarts! Photo: Nine Network

Kochie misses start of the show

One thing you expect when you tune in to the start of your favourite breakfast show is that all presenters will be there to greet you.

However one morning in September this year, Kochie missed his cue.

"Hello and welcome to Thursday, I'm Natalie Barr. David Koch was here just a few minutes ago but he just stepped out of the studio," Nat said, looking around for her co-host.

When Kochie finally walked back into the studio Nat asked: "Did you know we're on?" to which he replied: "No! I got my timing wrong."

He explained to viewers he'd been recording a voice package.

David Koch walks onto the Sunrise set after the team have gone live
David Koch walks onto the set after the team have gone to air. Photo: Channel 7

Weatherman's risque TV appearance

When Today's weatherman Tim Davies did a live cross from the hot springs on Victoria's Mornington Penisula, the crew back in the studio got a bit more than they were expecting

"Is he?" Karl asks.

"I think he might be," Allison replies, referring to weatherman Tim Davies' state of undress in the hot spring waters.

"Can you see that much?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, we can see everything my friend," Allison replied!

"Oh my goodness, put it away," Karl chips in.

"Nice to see you Tim, and I mean SEE you," Allison says, as they leave the segment!

A still form Today weatherman Tim Davies in a hot spring in the Mornington Peninsula
Today weatherman Tim Davies shows off a little too much skin. Photo: Nine Network

Sam Mac horsing around

They say not to work with children or animals, so Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac should have been wary when he attempted to mount a horse on live TV.

The horse ended up headbutting Sam, sending his Akubra hat flying and leaving him a little flustered.

"What is it with me and horses? If that’s not a sign I don’t belong in the country then I don’t know what is," Sam said after regaining his composure.

"It knocked the cowboy out of you mate," Kochie commented from the studio, while co-host Natalie Barr laughed.

"It literally knocked the Akubra off my head! Every time I do something on a horse, there’s an incident," Sam added.

Stills of Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac being headbutted by a horse sending his hat flying as his colleagues back in the studio react. Photo: Channel 7
Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac is headbutted by a horse, sending his hat flying as his colleagues back in the studio react. Photo: Channel 7

Bezos rocket launch causes laughs

It was supposed to be a serious story about a billionaire launching into space but the shape of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' rocket had Ally and Karl in stitches.

"Do you know what they call that?" Karl asked while looking the image up and down.

"A rocket," Allison replied.

"Does that look a little odd to you, or is it just me," Karl said laughing as he threw to their correspondent in LA.

Allison had one final quip: "Grow up!"

"Launch of the interestingly shaped rocket, thanks for pointing that out Karl, will happen on July 20," Nine's US correspondent Alison Piotrowski said, trying to keep a straight face.

Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic laugh over the shape of Jeff Bezos' space rocket in the background.
Allison and Karl share a laugh over the shape of Jeff Bezos' rocket. Photo: Nine Network

Unfortunate Christmas tree gaffe

Sunrise viewers had a giggle when they spotted a decoration on the set's Christmas tree unfortunately placed behind co-host Natalie Barr.

After viewers noticed the lone "Ho" next to the presenter and wrote in on the show's socials, it was quickly removed for the remainder of the broadcast.

Luckily, Nat saw the funny side, laughing it off later.

"Really loving our studio Christmas decorations this year.. 😂🤦‍♀️#hohoho,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a selfie next to the offending tree.

An unfortunately placed Christmas decoration saying 'Ho' on a tree in front of Sunrise's Natalie Barr.
An unfortunately placed Christmas decoration brought laughs for Nat Barr. Photo: Channel 7

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