Grant Denyer reveals his baby's frightening habit: ‘Goosebumps'

There's been some supernatural activity in Grant and Chezzi Denyer's household lately.

Speaking on their It’s All True podcast, Chezzi told listeners that she feels like something - or someone - is trying to get in contact with the family.

Grant and Chezzi Denyer are pictured on a boat with their three daughters.
Grant and Chezzi Denyer have three daughters. Photo: Instagram/grantdenyer

Grant and Chezzi called Tonia Reeves, Australia’s Cowgirl Medium, to try and shed some light on the situation, with Chezzi saying she's convinced her youngest daughter Sunday, one, has been communicating with a spirit.

“Sunday, our baby, has been waving at something in the corner,” she started.

Grant quickly chimed in, “There’s no one there, but her face illuminates like someone is there. It’s that exact same reaction as if a person walks in the room, but there’s no one there.”

Chezzi added, “And she says Nana.”

Grant quickly yelled, “Oh! Nan Nan. Oh my god! She does!”

The strangest part of this situation is that Chezzi told the medium that they have never said 'Nana' around her child. However, Chezzi did call her grandmother, Nanny.

Grant Denyer and his baby Sunday take a selfie together.
Grant Denyer and Sunday take a selfie together. Photo: Instagram/grantdenyer

Tonia agreed, saying, “This is what she’s showing me, that this child wouldn’t know her.”

Chezzi was floored by this information, mentioning that she was getting goosebumps.

“She calls me Nanny, and we were like, ‘Stop! It’s Mummy’, and I was getting really upset why she [was] calling me Nanny!" Chezzi exclaimed.


Grant couldn’t get over the fact that his wife’s grandmother was seemingly playing pranks from the grave.

“The fact that she’s convinced our third born, that instead of calling you by Mummy, she’s made it Nanny.

“Oh that is excellent. What a power play from grandma from the other side!” he laughed.

Grant mentioned that he would put a picture of Chezzi’s grandmother in the spot where their baby looks at the ‘spirit’, to see what the reaction will be.

Grant Denyer pretends to show his baby Sunday how to use a drill while Sunday sits in a high chair.
Grant and Chezzi are convinced Sunday has been communicating with Chezzi's grandmother. Photo: Instagram/chezzidenyer

When posting a clip of this exchange on Instagram, many people shared their own supernatural experiences.

“I once had a ghost in my bedroom so maybe it’s that! You need a professional to make it go away,” one recommended.

“Babies often connect with spirits and it’s only as they get older that the connection often fades away. How lovely that Nanny is visiting,” another added.

“My oldest used to stare at the corner smiling, waving and had a grand chat when she was little,” a third remembered.

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