Sunrise’s Kochie takes brutal swipe at Sam Mac live on-air: ‘Harder!’

Sunrise star Sam Mac faced his fears and participated in a boxing match against Australasian champion Beck Hawker on Wednesday morning, however, not everyone was cheering for the loveable larrikin.

As well as receiving boos from the small in-person audience, Sam's co-stars Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch actually cheered for Beck while watching the fight from Brekky Central.

Sunrise's Sam Mac and Beck Hawker.
Sunrise star Sam Mac participated in a boxing match with Australasian champion Beck Hawker on Wednesday morning. Photo: Instagram/beckhawker_boxing

The match began with Sam standing in the boxing ring opposite Beck, who is both a Queensland police officer and a professional athlete, and introducing himself as “a man who really should be rethinking his career decisions right now”.

The duo then launched into action, with Sam trying his best to block Beck’s quick jabs and uppercuts.


Meanwhile, the Sunrise hosts couldn’t stop laughing while rooting for their colleague’s opponent in the fight.

“Come on Beck!” Kochie exclaimed. “Hit him, hard! Harder! Go!”

“In the kidney!” Nat shouted. “Smash him like a guitar!”

Sunrise's Nat Barr and Kochie laughing.
Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch were in stitches watching the fight. Photo: Channel Seven

After 30 seconds of facing Beck’s punches, Sam tapped out and declared her to be the champion.

“My earpiece has fallen out, my career’s fallen apart, have a great day Australia!” Sam said, clearly exhausted from the fight.

Kochie then took a rather brutal swipe at Sam, saying: “Oh Beck, so many people have wanted to be in your shoes.”

“That was fun!” Nat remarked at the end of the segment.

Sam later shared a clip of the fight on social media poking fun at his “supportive colleagues”, which Nat reposted alongside heart emojis.

‘Hanging me out to dry’

The hilarious on-air moment comes shortly after Kochie was called out by fill-in co-host Monique Wright for his embarrassing mix-up at the supermarket.

The duo were interviewing a grocery store worker when Monique took a not-so-subtle dig at her co-host.

“Do you ever find that people get zucchinis and cucumbers mixed up?” she asked the employee, while Kochie sadly raised his hand in admission to the fail.

“When [Kochie’s wife] Lib asked him to steam zucchinis, he steamed the cucumbers,” she continued with a laugh. “Is that common?”

The worker replied that the issue wasn’t something he had come across before, leaving Kochie even more embarrassed by the blunder.

“Oh, good on you Steve for hanging me out to dry!” he responded.

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