Sunrise fans go wild for new reporter: 'Absolute legend'

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Sunrise hosts David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Natalie Barr were in stitches on Thursday morning, after the pair interviewed 93-year-old Daffy Pearl.

The social media granny has gone viral on social media for complaining about different issues and offering words of wisdom. Now, Kochie has invited Daffy to become a ‘roving reporter’ for Sunrise and fans are ecstatic.

Natalie Barr in a brown suit and David Kochie Koch in a navy suit and yellow tie sit on the set of Sunrise
Sunrise fans have rejoiced after Kochie invited Daffy to report on the show. Photo: Seven

Daffy’s segment explained that her biggest gripe lately involved the humble loo roll. After discovering many of her toilet paper rolls didn’t have a tab to start the roll easily, the granny was invited to the Kimberly-Clark factory to sort the issue.

“Can I say something else? Make sure the paper is not thin,” Daffy told workers sternly.


The hosts adored Daffy’s confidence to say what she was thinking, with Natalie even calling the toilet paper company “genius” for inviting the social media sensation to the factory.

Kochie then presented an interesting idea after seeing how popular Daffy is. “You know, Daff could be a roving reporter for us I reckon. Taking on issues of substance, like that,” he said.

“How many other products could she fix? At the rate she’s going, she’s fixed toilet paper,” Mark Beretta added.

Kochie then asked viewers if they could comment on Sunrise’s Facebook page with any issues they want Daffy to ‘sort out’ for them, and the response was overwhelming.

“Daffy is an absolute legend and good on Kimberly-Clark for listening to her and making that adventure possible,” one fan wrote.

"Sign Daffy up, please pay her heaps, she is a bloody marvel," another added.

“She is the loveliest person and brings joy by her very presence. What a delight she is and speaks so much common sense,” a third said.

Daffy sits in her house with signs saying 'Bring Back The Flap'.
Daffy has become a social media sensation. Photo: Seven

Some listed the issues that could use Daffy’s social media power, with cling-wrap and foil being popular products.

“I’d like to see Daffy on easy opening cling wrap,” one said.

“One for Daffy, cling wrap and foil failing to unroll,” another agreed.

Another suggested that Daffy would even do well in politics, saying she knows how to 'get the job done.'

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