Sunrise hosts left stunned after 'freaky' magic trick on live TV: 'Wow'

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Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch were left stunned on Monday morning after legendary magic duo Penn & Teller performed an incredible card trick on live TV.

The world-famous magicians, who are currently in Sydney for their first-ever Australian tour, kicked off the segment rather awkwardly by pretending to be asleep on the couch next to Nat and Kochie.

Penn & Teller asleep on Nat Barr and Kochie's shoulders on Sunrise.
Magic duo Penn & Teller pretended to be asleep on Nat and Kochie’s shoulders at the start of their Sunrise segment. Photo: Channel Seven

“Hey! Oi! Hello! Come on you Americans, don’t give us that ‘jet lag’ business,” Kochie said in an attempt to wake them up.

“We thought you’d come and do some kind of trick for us. No?” Nat asked, before giving an uneasy look to the producers off-screen when she didn’t receive a response.


Penn eventually sat up and spoke with Nat while Teller, who famously works silently in magic, continued to snooze and fell from Kochie’s shoulder onto his lap.

“Oh, don’t put your head on my lap! That’s a bit awkward, isn’t it?” he remarked, leaving Nat in stitches.

“Was that supposed to happen?” she laughed. “Okay, that’s weird. Better you than me!”

Eventually, Penn started shuffling cards and made Nat select one to show to the camera - a three of clubs - before briefly falling asleep on her shoulder again.

She then added the card back into the deck and shuffled them all together, before Penn dropped them all on the floor.

He slowly started showing cards to Nat, incorrectly guessing her card each time as the hosts chuckled awkwardly, before telling his partner to wake up.

Teller finally sat up from Kochie’s lap and opened his eyes, with his pupils showing both the number three and the symbol for clubs.

“Is that your card?!” Penn announced, leaving the room amazed at how they had correctly guessed Nat’s card.

Sunrise's Nat Barr and Kochie looking shocked / Teller's pupils revealing Nat's card.
The hosts were left stunned after Teller opened his eyes and revealed Nat’s card. Photos: Channel Seven

“What!” Kochie said in disbelief. “Oh my goodness!”

“Oh my god, that’s creepy!” Nat added. “How did you do that? Okay, that’s really weird.”

She continued: “Wow, that is so freaky. I just did not expect that. I can’t stop looking at you.”

Viewers also took to social media to share their surprise, with followers agreeing that the trick was “freaking”, “creepy” and “so funny”.

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