Studio 10 creator backtracks on brutal review of new-look show

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Studio 10’s brand new look lineup kicked off to a fair bit of controversy this week, with audiences and industry experts alike scathing in their reactions to the scaled-back show.

None was more critical than the creator of the program Rob McKnight, who described the show’s debut episode as ‘a piece of sh*t’ on his podcast.

Rob McKnight who created Studio 10 slammed the new-look format after Joe Hildebrand's axing. Photo: Instagram/whatsarahsnapped
Rob McKnight who created Studio 10 slammed the new-look format after Joe Hildebrand's axing. Photo: Instagram/whatsarahsnapped

Rob created Studio 10 in 2013 and ran the program until he left Ten in 2017.

He now runs TV publication TV Blackbox and its accompanying podcast where he dropped his brutal review of the new show.

Clarifying that the comments were directed at the show’s producers rather than the hosts Tristran MacManus and Sarah Harris he slammed the initial episode as ‘horrible’.


“It was lazy, boring television,” he said on the podcast. “It was embarrassing.

“I swear to god, I wish they had renamed the show because as far as I’m concerned Studio 10 is dead and that was just horrible what I saw today.”

“A piece of sh*t, no matter how much you roll it in glitter, is still a piece of sh*t.”

“I’m sorry, it was woeful,” he concluded.

Ex-boss Rob apologises for ‘pouring scorn’ on hard work

Studio 10 Sarah Harris Tristan MacManus new program
Rob called the first episode of the revamped program 'woeful'. Photo: 10

Following the review, McKnight took to TV Blackbox to issue an apology in a post titled: I’m sorry Studio 10, I’ve gone too far.

“Yesterday was an emotional day for me,” he wrote in the piece. “I watched as a show I worked very hard on for many years completely changed format. It would be fair to say the changes did not sit well with me.”

“It’s one thing for me to disagree with the changes to Studio 10, but it’s another to pour scorn on the people working hard behind the scenes to deliver four hours of television.”

It seems the former 10 producer had been contacted by hurt former co-workers, as he wrote that he knew he had gone too far when people he respected reached out to tell him so.

Rob told Yahoo Lifestyle he will be no longer be commenting on Studio 10, with his article concluding he felt ‘too biased’ to provide balanced commentary.

Studio 10 ‘deletes’ Facebook comments

The backflip comes after the program weathered serious complaints after producers were accused of removing unflattering social media comments.

The program came under fire on Monday after it appeared that comments posted on the program’s Facebook post were being deleted.

Currently, the post announcing the new duo has 740 comments, but only 430 can be seen.

Channel 10 denies the accusations.

Interestingly, the rating for the new-look show’s debut was 16% higher than the previous week, meaning viewers were at least willing to give the new format a go, even if some say they weren’t able to air their opinions.

At least one fan was forced to take to Twitter, claiming she had indeed had her negative comment pulled from the page.

“Yep, I was deleted,” she wrote in response to the TV Blackbox report. “I said the new format was boring must [have] hurt someone's feelings.”

“Why censor comments?” she continued. “None are targeted at the hosts all about the format. 100’s of all old viewers deleted. Shame on the network.”

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