Sunrise's Samantha Armytage says wedding derailed by coronavirus

Samantha Armytage has joined the long list of brides to have their wedding plans completely derailed by the global pandemic.

The Sunrise host revealed that her planned wedding to fiance Richard Lavender has been postponed indefinitely as they wait for the pandemic’s restrictions to be eased.

Samantha Armytage fiance Richard Lavender planned wedding
Samantha Armytage has had to put any plans for her wedding to Richard Lavender on hold. Photo: Instagram/ sam_armytage

The host told The Daily Telegraph that she has shelved all plans for the big day, as the changing rules make it ‘impossible’ to plan the day the couple want.

“Because we want to have a party with more than 20 people, we have sort of put it on hold,” she told the newspaper.

“We will get married but put the planning on hold because there is no point until we can actually make a proper plan in booking anything,” she continued. “So no plans yet but we will get there.”


A rocky 2020 for Samantha Armytage

The latest blow comes after the Seven host revealed both her parents had been hospitalised back in August.

Sharing the bitter blow to Instagram, a frustrated Sam bid the year 2020 ‘p*ss off’.

Samantha Armytage looks frustrated as she postpones wedding because of covid restrictions
Samantha has had a string of bad luck through 2020, her postponed wedding just the icing on the cake. Photo: Instagram/ sam_armytage/ Seven

It certainly hasn’t been the best year for Sam. Like many Australians, her year kicked off with her forced to flee deadly bushfires that ravaged NSW over the New Year period.

She then spent some time away from her hosting duties on Sunrise, stuck at home ‘sick as a dog’ for many weeks, before she eventually returned only to be hit with a racial vilification lawsuit, alongside Prue MacSween.

Her silver lining was the surprise announcement of her engagement to Richard Lavender which was announced on Instagram with a snap showcasing her sparkling diamond ring back in June.

“What a year,” she wrote in the caption, along with two photos of her and Mr Lavender smiling for the camera with their arms wrapped around each other.

Armytage confirmed her relationship with Mr Lavender last year, although the pair had met at a friend’s party in 2018.

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