Kerri-Anne Kennerley breaks down in Studio 10 farewell

Studio 10 bid farewell to another longstanding host on Friday as Kerri-Anne Kennerley shared her goodbyes to her TV family.

"You guys have been my family," she said, "I feel so privileged. You guys took me in and generously just gave me a shoulder to lean on and I have leaned on you."

Kerri-Anne Kennerley on Studio 10
Kerri-Anne Kennerley said her emotional goodbyes after two years on Studio 10 on Friday. Photo: Ten

Kerri-Anne, who has been a host on the show for two years, said she especially appreciated the support she received from the network and her co-hosts following the death of her husband John Kennerley last year.

"I thought I’d have John for a very long time it wasn’t to be – coming into work probably literally saved me. You people, our audience, literally saved me," she said.

"The day of his funeral where you actually left your own television show, early, to come to his funeral was one of the most beautiful moments.


"That was so deeply moving and Channel 10 made that decision, Channel 10 allowed you to do that to support me and it was really beautiful – I was so grateful."

She joked if she'd been executive producer she wouldn't have let them go.

Kerri-Anne's time on Studio 10 hasn't been without a few controversies including her Australia Day clash with Yumi Stynes and saying climate change protestors should be "used as a speed bump" among others.

Joe Hildebrand announces Studio 10 exit

Joe Hildebrand also had his final day on Studio 10 on Friday. Photo: Ten
Joe Hildebrand also had his final day on Studio 10 on Friday. Photo: Ten

Along with Kerri-Anne, Joe Hildebrand announced on Thursday after seven years on Studio 10 he would be departing the show.

“I’ve given it a huge amount of thought, it’s been really hard but also really lovely to look back on all the wonderful things we’ve done,” he added, causing his colleagues Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Angela Bishop and Sarah Harris to audibly gasp.

In what was an emotionally-charged five-minute speech, he referenced the morning TV show’s recent ‘shake-up’ which saw fellow Studio 10 stars Kerri-Anne and Natarsha Belling, as well as weatherman Tim Bailey given the boot.

Joe asked viewers not to ‘lash out’ at Channel 10, explaining that his ‘lovely bosses’ were keen to keep him on in a new role but it was his decision to leave the network.

“I thought it was better to draw a line under this amazing little story... and give the new show, whatever it might look like, the chance to breathe and have a fresh start without me hanging around,” he said.

When addressing the viewers directly he began to choke up, saying that they were ‘wonderful’ and that he ‘loved them all’.

“It’s been a wonderful seven years,” he added.

At this point, Sarah Harris, who joined Studio 10 alongside Joe in 2013, broke down in tears prompting Joe to reach out and hold her hand across the desk.

“Sarah’s my best friend, my work-wife, we’ve been through all this since the very beginning,” he managed to say.

In what could be seen as a nod to Keri-Anne’s axing, Joe went on to reiterate that his resignation was voluntary.

“I’ve very lucky, I made this decision of my own accord and I’ve got other stuff that I can do,” he said.

He also pledged to ‘stick up for the little guy’ in whatever new role he takes on; “I will always make sure they are at the front of everything I do and fight for,” he said.

With additional reporting by Gillian Wolski.

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