Lisa Wilkinson loses it after The Project F-Bomb fail

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
·2-min read

Lisa Wilkinson was left in complete hysterics on The Project on Sunday night after an F-Bomb fail during a segment with comedian Tommy Little.

The seasoned host was at one point slumped over the desk with her head down struggling to regain her composure, after a sports segment showed a passionate mother swearing on the sidelines of an NRL match.

lisa wilkinson laughing the sunday project
Lisa Wilkinson was left in hysterics during The Sunday Project. Photo: Channel Ten

Tommy introduced a clip of mum Kim Stojanov - proudly watching her son Cody Ramsey's NRL debut at the weekend - blowing up at a referee’s decision during the match.

And while the outburst was muted by the Network, it was clear the passionate parent shouted “f**k off!” from the sidelines.


“I believe she said it was a ‘fair call’,” Tommy Little quipped.

Lisa was unable to hide her shock at the mother’s reaction and was left in absolute hysterics for some time before being able to continue with the program.

the sunday project host lisa wilkinson
The seasoned host struggled for some time to regain her composure. Photo: Instagram/theprojecttv

It’s not the first time an F-bomb has slightly derailed the popular news program after The Masked Singer celebrity Christine Anu also left fans shocked with her gaffe during a recent interview segment.

Christine Anu appeared for a chat with Carrie Bickmore over Zoom last month, but it all went south quickly however, after the singer dropped a major F-bomb during the conversation.

“You say re-release and I’ve a-f**king million verses,” she responded.

Quickly realising her gaffe, she unfortunately just dug herself in deeper.

“Oh sh*t did I swear?” she asked, covering her mouth as The Project studio erupted into laughter.

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