Studio 10 axed: Channel 10 staff detail 'cold' and 'unfair' email

A source revealed management blamed viewer habits but that there's more to it.

Channel 10 announced on Tuesday that daytime show Studio 10 would be axed after a decade on-air.

Since the news broke, reports have circled that it wasn't just shocking to the show's fans, but that the hosts and behind-the-scenes staff members also had no idea the cancellation was coming.

Earlier today Yahoo Lifestyle reported that Studio 10 presenters Tristan MacManus and Angela Bishop were only informed of the news less than an hour before it broke in the press.

According to our source, Angela who has been part of the program since 2018, wasn't even allowed time to let the news sink in and was ushered off to film an interview with Robbie Williams as it was announced.

Angela Bishop and Robbie Williams
Angela Bishop reportedly found out the news of Studio 10's axing just before a Robbie Williams interview. Photo:

The red carpet veteran appeared downcast at the British singer's press conference at a Sydney hotel on Tuesday afternoon whilst being consoled by media, including Brooke Boney and Richard Wilkins.


An employee at Channel 10 admitted the mood in the Sydney office was “sombre” after the news broke, with many staff uncertain of their future.

'Emotionless and cold'

Now Channel 10 staff members have hit back at the network's executives after receiving the news via email.

According to The Daily Telegraph, crew members have been left angered by the 'emotionless and cold' announcement that the show would wrap up on December 22.

The publication cited that many employees were disgruntled by the lack of empathy in the email.

Studio 10's Tristan MacManus and Angela Bishop
Studio 10's Tristan MacManus and Angela Bishop. Photo: Network 10

"Just two weeks ago, Studio 10 was celebrating its 10th anniversary on air - now the team isn't even being thanked for its hard work or successes,' they said.


The source then said: "For management to blame it on a 'change in viewing habits' rather than poor decision making at the top is unfair."

In the email, Network News Director Martin White said a new morning lineup would be premiering on Channel 10 in 2024.

The announcement also stated that Studio 10 hosts Angela Bishop, Narelda Jacobs and Tristan MacManus, as well as reporter Daniel Doody, will remain with the network and be deployed in different roles.

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