Studio 10's Tristan MacManus posts selfie from hospital bed: 'Few months in agony'

The TV star is recovering from a neck operation.

Studio 10 host Tristan MacManus has updated his fans on his health battle revealing he has "spent the last few months in agony".

The 40-year-old Irish-born presenter took to his Instagram page to post a series of selfies from his hospital bed after undergoing an operation.

Tristan MacManus in a hospital bed
Studio 10's Tristan MacManus has revealed he's undergone neck surgery. Photo: Instagram/Tristan MacManus

"Thanks for all the messages of concern but letting you know I’m all good, having lived the last few months in agony with nerve damage in my neck,chest and back, trying to hide the shakes in my arms through @studio10au, @10footballau and then of course The Logies, it finally got too much and I had to go in for an operation on my neck and sort out and take out some rogue vertebrae," he wrote.

"Out of hospital now, I still need a few days to recover but plan on being back to work midweek and in top form and pain free will keep you updated on when over the next few days."


Tristan uploaded a snap showing himself lying down in the hospital bed while watching Studio 10's Angela Bishop on the TV.

Back in March, the star explained to the Studio 10 audience exactly he'd been after many of them were left confused about his whereabouts.

Tristan MacManus watching Studio 10 from hospital
He watched Studio 10 from the hospital room. Photo: Instagram/Tristan MacManus

“I really missed you guys. It's been a hell of a couple of weeks, folks,” he told Narelda Jacobs and Natasha Exelby.

“I know everyone’s been asking where I’ve been and, to be honest with you, I've been quiet on it because I didn't really know what was going on.”

Tristan said he’d been on really strong medication for a bad knee, however, two weeks before that he got ‘really sick’, he presumes from that.

“I had muscle spasms in my chest, which I thought was my heart. I lost feeling in my arm for a couple of days. I burnt my hand. I almost had, like, paralysis in my arm and I must have had it on the grill, so that burned,” he said.

“I was running around Sydney seeing surgeons and specialists. I have three disc bulges in my neck, one of them had trapped a nerve, which gave me the twitches.”

Tristan MacManus talking about his health problems on Studio 10
He previously opened up about his health battles on Studio 10. Photo: Channel 10

Tristan said that while he came back to work for one day, he thought it was a “bit confronting” for people to see him on TV with muscle spasms.

“It was for your benefit more than mine, to be honest folks,” he said.

The dad-of-two has had cortisone injections in his neck to try and alleviate some of the pain, however, he said it’s still there.

“The pain is still there but I’ve missed you all so much. It's absolutely great to be back. For my head more than anything else,” he said.

Tristan, who joined the show back in 2020, took to his Instagram account to let his fans know that he’s back on the show.

“Been a rough few weeks, a few highs and lots of lows but can’t wait to get back on the couch @studio10au,” he said.

People immediately commented, wishing the star well and saying how happy they are to see him back on their screens.

“Woohoo I will look forward to watching again has not been the same without you,” one person said.

“S10 is not the same without you. Welcome back,” another wrote.

“I’ve missed you, I’ll be so glad to see you back. I hope you’re ok,” a commenter said.

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