These $75 Stax leggings are selling once every minute

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Lizzo wearing Stax best black leggings
Lizzo wears the STAX leggings which are currently selling a pair every minute. Photo: Instagram/Lizzo/Stax

If there's one thing that unites us all, it's leggings. No matter your job, lifestyle, star sign... we've all chucked on our stretchy leggings to complete our outfit, whether we're at home or outdoors. No judgement.


And now that we're doing more activities in our activewear, some of us are looking for the *perfect* legging that can do it all. But do they exist?

According to a host of celebrities including Lizzo, Rita Ora, Megan Fox, and millions of other customers, yes. Enter Aussie label STAX and their hugely popular Best Black Tights, of which they are currently selling a pair every minute. 

"In the last two years we’ve sold approximately half a million pairs of our best black tights,"Matilda Murray, co-owner and Brand Manager, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The high-waisted leggings have become a cult staple for many people's wardrobes.

STAX  Best Black Tights
The Best Black Tights come in full length, 7/8 length, and shorts. Photo: STAX

So what's the big deal? 

Available in a range of earthy, pastel tones including black, STAX have said they've changed the game by creating a unique fit that is designed to fit every body shape, comfortably.

"We focus on catering to the majority, not the minority," Matilda explains."We have made an accessible and affordable luxury pair of tights available for all sizes."

The high-waisted staples are offered as full length or a cropped 7/8, and regularly make global news thanks to the likes of Megan Fox recently rocking a pair on set.

At a price of $74.95, STAX Best Black leggings (and all of their range) are made in XXS to 4XL to include as many bodies as possible. But the accessible sizing and price point isn't their biggest drawcard. 

A caucasian model with blonde hair wears high waited black leggings, white runners and a black sports crop top against a dark grey background.
STAX leggings have been labelled as the "best leggings ever" due to their unique design and fit. Photo: STAX

The "secret blend"

The highest point of conversation is the unique fit that is earning the design sell-out status. The STAX Best Black material is a "secret blend" of nylon and spandex which supports the core without digging into the waist.

"The material is so buttery soft!" a customer wrote on the brand's website. "Even though the material is super stretchy, the tights still manage to suck you in and give you that really secure compression feeling."

Made with sweat wicking fabric, STAX women’s tights are specifically designed to elongate legs and cinch in the waist giving a flattering outline on everyone's body.

"These tights are to die for," another customer says. "I have never had a pair of activewear fit me so well and make me look so good. They are super flattering and fit me perfectly from waist to ankle. 

"Love training in them but also love wearing them around the house because they are just so comfortable."

Two pairs of black stax leggings against a white background.
The STAX leggings are offered full-length and in a cropped 7/8 style. Source: STAX

How can I get a pair?

STAX offer a wide range of activewear in their collection for men and women with their Best Black Series housing the sell-out leggings. 

However, if you're holding out to see what else is out there, STAX are dropping a whole new line on today (22nd October from 9am AEDT), called the AW - or After Winter - collection.

"This collection was inspired by nature and the environment," Matilda details. "We wanted to create a different take on activewear and connect the two concepts, activewear/fitness fashion and nature.

"Our AW collection is made from our very own NANDEX fabric (the same from which our famous best black tights are made from) and catering from XXS to 4XL."

Browse the STAX website to obtain your own cult leggings or scroll through their Insta to keep informed of all the latest news. 

Want to stock up but keeping an eye out on your funds? STAX offer Afterpay and free delivery on domestic orders over $75.

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