Peloton: The newest fitness craze sweeping Australia

If you haven't yet seen a friend post about their new Peloton bike on social media, or spotted one of the ads for the interactive fitness platform on TV, then we're not exactly sure where you've been.

With many of us looking for new ways to get us moving during lockdown, or simply wanting to switch up routines, the arrival of Peloton in Australia in July this year came at the perfect time.

peloton australia
Peloton officially landed in Australia in July 2021. Photo: Supplied

First founded in 2012 in New York City, the platform now boasts a community of more than 5.9m million members globally, who use either the the Peloton Bike (or Bike+), Peloton Tread, or the Peloton App.

At the time of the launch, Peloton Australia’s Country Manager Karen Lawson said there really is something for everyone.


"Whether it’s a live ride from the comfort of their own home, or a class taken anywhere they like to workout using the Peloton App," Karen said.

"The app has more than 10 fitness disciplines, including outdoor running, strength, bootcamp, yoga and meditation. We have so much to offer, as we look to redefine fitness in Australia."

And within months of bringing the brand to our shores, Peloton also announced the launch of its private label apparel brand, Peloton Apparel, within Australia just last week.

The pieces have been wear-tested by real members, non-members and Peloton’s own instructors doing the workouts across the platform’s various fitness styles.

Peloton’s VP of Apparel, Jill Foley tells Yahoo Lifestyle the clothing line was actually never in the plan to begin with, and was something that was initially only introduced into the brand's few retail stores.

"It got so popular that our members in America were writing in to customer service and saying 'hey, I love that bra your instructor's wearing or that legging. But I don't live near a retail store, when are you going to ever sell it online?'," Jill tells us.

"We're so excited now that our community has extended to Australia. It's such a fantastic country where fitness is important, and fitness apparel is important.

"I really am excited to start to understand what our Australian members are going to be wanting and see if it differs from our UK, and our German, Canadian, and US members."

Peloton apparel
Peloton launched their apparel line in September. Photo: Supplied

The seasonal collection, which features a mix of men’s, women’s and gender-neutral styles and accessories ranging in price from $24-$182 AUD, is now available to purchase online.

It will include a line of signature styles offered season after season with the same performance-tested fit and fabrics, but in new colourways and design elements with each collection drop.

"I need to make sure that when you get on your bike and you're wearing a Peloton legging, you feel good, or else I've just ruined your Peloton experience," Jill points out.

"So making sure it doesn't chafe, making sure it doesn't fall down, making sure it isn't see-through. Also the lifestyle piece is really important, because people are fitting in a quick ride or workout and then going straight to the computer.

"I can stay in certain leggings, all day because they're quick drying and they're comfortable."

peloton activewear
There are four featured fabrics which offer different functions. Photo: Supplied

There is of course one other element to consider before jumping on this latest fitness craze. While the apparel is relatively on par price-wise with other popular activewear brands, Peloton's state-of-the-art equipment doesn't come cheap.

The Peloton Bike and Bike+ cost $2,895 and $3,695 respectively. An All-Access Membership, which enables Members to access content using the bikes and create accounts for the entire household, costs $59 per month. Otherwise a standalone Digital Membership to use only the App is available for $16.99.

But there are plenty of reviews online from people saying it's worth the investment.

"I got my bike to get in shape after having two kids. The first year was pricey, but I didn’t pay for a gym. For me, the convenience of having a Peloton Bike in the basement and being able to ride it whenever I had time was priceless. I now ride about one to two times per week," one happy US user shared online.

"I had my first Peloton ride tonight and it was hard but omg I think I'm in love," another person shared on Twitter.

And if the fitness equipment, huge range of workout choices, and slick new activewear isn't enough to get you excited, Peloton also welcomed an Aussie trainer to the team this year.

Kirra Michel, originally from Lennox Head, NSW, joined over 35 international instructors across all fitness disciplines, with her particular focus being yoga.

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