Kim Kardashian completely unrecognisable in X-rated snap: 'Worst look ever'

Kim Kardashian has shocked fans with her new unrecognisable photoshoot, where she exposes her bare butt while wearing a jockstrap.

The star completely changed her look for the latest issue of Interview Magazine, with fans saying she ‘looks nothing like herself’ in the snaps.

Kim Kardashian poses with bleached eyebrows and bleached hair
Kim Kardashian looks completely different in her latest magazine cover. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

For the ‘American Dream’ shoot, she sports bleached blonde eyebrows, paired with bleached blonde hair in a layered style.

In the cover image, she wears a denim jacket as she stares into the camera, with her denim jeans pulled down to reveal her bare butt.


Kim also posed in nothing but a white t-shirt that says ‘Interview’, with the star opting to go braless for that look.

It wasn’t long before Kim’s celebrity pals praised the star for her edgy new style, with singer Ciara declaring that she looked ‘HOT’.

Influencer and close friend Olivia Pierson said she was so happy the cover was out, saying Kim looked ‘soooo gorg’.

Some of the star’s followers were so shocked by her transformation that many said they didn’t realise it was her.

“This looks nothing like Kim, I didn’t even recognise her until I read the caption,” one fan admitted.

“I thought you were Jeffree Star for a minute,” another wrote.

“That’s Kim? Doesn’t look like her at all,” a third chimed in.

“Yikes. She looks 98% lab created,” added a fourth.

Two mirror selfies of Kim Kardashian with bleached hair and bleached eyebrows
The star shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the magazine shoot. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

Others weren’t fans of her photoshoot, with one labelling it as ‘horrendous’.

“I need to bleach my eyeballs now,” a person wrote, with another adding that it was her “worst look ever”.

“Eyebrows are awful!!! What bad makeup!” noted a fan.

“Perfect trailer park transformation,” added another.

“Let’s just bleach this whole thing and pretend it didn’t happen,” a fan suggested.

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