Millie Bobby Brown shocks with huge transformation: 'Different person'

Millie Bobby Brown has shocked fans with an incredible transformation while attending the premiere for the fourth season of Stranger Things.

The 18-year-old star was almost unrecognisable from when she appeared on our screens for season one in 2016.

Millie wowed with long blonde hair and fringe, a far cry from the buzz cut she sported in her portrayal as Eleven in the TV series' first season.

Fans took to Twitter to express shock over the star's new look, with some saying she was unrecognisable.

Millie Bobby Brown attends Netflix's
Millie Bobby Brown has stunned with a new look. Source: Getty

"I was looking at pictures from the Stranger Things 4 premiere obviously the actors all look older ... but Millie Bobby Brown has just transformed she looks like a completely different person," one commented.

"Millie Bobby Brown looks so different," another agreed.

"Millie Bobby Brown literally looks like a different person," a third added.

Another fan said she was giving "2000s Britney Spears" with her new look.

"It is weird seeing photos of Millie Bobby Brown with long blonde hair. She looks nothing like her character Eleven," somebody else commented.

"She's almost unrecognisable," another said.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown enters
Actress Millie Bobby Brown in 2016. Source: Getty

Millie has previously spoken out about the "gross" sexualisation she felt by Hollywood as a teen.

The actress, who was only 12 when she was cast in Stranger Things, told The Guilty Feminist podcast about the struggles of being a Hollywood success as a child.


"I deal with the same things any 18-year-old is dealing with, navigating being an adult and having relationships and friendships, and it's all of those things," she said.

"Being liked and trying to fit in, it's all a lot, and you're trying to [know] yourself while doing that. The only difference is obviously I'm doing that in the public eye."

Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo and Priah Ferguson attend Netflix's
All grown up: Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo and Priah Ferguson. Source: Getty

She added being sexualised on top of the everyday struggles of a teenager "can be really overwhelming".

"I have definitely been dealing with that more in the last couple of weeks of turning 18. [I'm] definitely seeing a difference between the way people act and the way the press and social media react to me coming of age.

"It's gross."

The fourth season of Stranger Things is expected the drop on Netflix in two volumes – the first on May 27 and the second on July 1.

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