Bachelorette's Ali Oetjen reveals meaning behind underboob tattoo: 'Transformation'

She stunned fans on social media last month when she revealed her new underboob tattoo, and now Ali Oetjen has opened up about the meaning behind the elaborate design.

The former Bachelorette’s latest ink features a snake with large wings and floral detailing on the centre of her chest.

Ali Oetjen's underboob tattoo.
Bachelorette star Ali Oetjen has opened up about the meaning behind her new underboob tattoo. Photos: Instagram/alioetjen

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle, Ali explained that the tattoo is all about “transformation”.

“[It shows] the snake master of transformation shedding her skin through many lives, granted her wings to aid her in her ascension, shape shifting dimensions and moving through timelines to achieve her highest potential,” she detailed.

“Located near the heart and solar plexus, it’s symbolic and a reminder of power, self worth and love.”


Ali went on to share that the third eye at the very top of the design represents “intuition and a deep trust”.

Meanwhile, the roots at the bottom of the tattoo symbolise that the human body “is connected and devoted to this earth and its frequencies”.

In addition to the large chest tattoo, Ali has a series of detailed tattoos on her right hand.

Ali Oetjen.
Ali has a number of tattoos on her right hand. Photo: Instagram/alioetjen

Ali’s thoughts on The Bachelorette

Ali’s new tattoo comes shortly after she spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about the news that The Bachelorette has been cancelled for 2022.

While the life coach didn’t find her happily ever after through her appearance on the show in 2018, she has plenty of ideas as to why it won’t be airing this year.

"Who knows the real reason as to why it’s cancelled, but one could stipulate it’s because of low ratings,” she said.

“My assumptions could be that viewers are not seeing full reality anymore but more so a highly manipulated and strategic show displaying predictable characters and composed scenarios.

“Just like MAFS, they’ve taken the realness out of love. Viewers can see it’s just for entertainment and not depicting ‘reality’. Perhaps forgetting the beauty of where the viewer’s curiosity stems from: the insight into people’s real relationships.”

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