Spoilers: Home and Away teases death, revenge and obsession

Home and Away has been teasing a thrilling conclusion to Mackenzie Booth’s (Emily Weir) poker storyline, with the Salt owner almost selling herself to sleazy PK (Ryan Johnson) to pay off her debts last week.

This week, Home and Away viewers will see just how much can go wrong in Summer Bay, as a dramatic rescue takes place, relationships crumble, and an armed robbery at Salt leaves a fan favourite on the brink of death.

Emily Weir as character Mackenzie with her hands on her head, kneeling next to Patrick O'Connor as character Dean, also with hands on his head and kneeling, in Salt, on the set of Home and Away
On Home and Away this week: Mackenzie and Dean are held at gunpoint. Photo: Seven

After refusing to sleep with PK to clear her debts last week, Mackenzie is determined to take revenge on him for scamming her out of $50,000. In a shocking moment, two thugs storm into Salt and hold Mackenzie and her half-brother Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) up at gunpoint.

Tane pays for Mackenzie’s mistakes

Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) and girlfriend Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) arrive at Salt for a nightcap, not realising what they’re walking into. Tane and Dean quickly tackle the thugs, but it soon becomes apparent that Tane has been stabbed, and he’s losing blood, fast.

Patrick O’Connor spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about what his character is thinking, “Dean was pretty frustrated from the beginning when he found out Mackenzie was running illegal poker nights.

“When Ziggy was dragged in, he really began to worry because it started to hit home. Now that it’s come to this with Tane being stabbed…he’s kicking himself he didn’t take the situation into his own hands sooner.”


Jacqui Purvis as character Felicity, crouching down to tend to Ethan Browne as character Tane, he has just been stabbed. On the set of Home and Away.
Felicity is distraught when Tane gets stabbed. Photo: Seven

Unable to get the authorities involved, Mackenzie has no choice but to contact her boyfriend Dr Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) to help save Tane’s life at the Parata house. The web of Mackenzie’s lies are coming unravelled and it looks like their relationship is on the rocks.

How far will Dean go to protect his family?

Mackenzie and Dean try to intimidate PK, but this backfires when an ominous threat towards Dean's son Jai arrives. Dean is quick to contact the River Boys, going down the road of violence that he swore to leave behind him.

Patrick acknowledges that Ziggy desperately doesn’t want Dean involved with any type of crime, but it’s the only thing he can do at this point.

“He’s very aware that his past with the River Boys is something Ziggy strongly disapproves of,” he begins.

“Having Ziggy angry with him, but making sure Jai is safe, is a path Dean would rather go down — instead of sitting back and doing nothing.”

Picture on the left is a photo of Jai, Dean's son, picture on the right is Patrick O'Connor as his character Dean in the Surf Club on Home and Away, looking shocked.
Dean sees red when he receives a threat involving his son. Photo: Seven

Xander is becoming obsessed with Millie

On the other side of Summer Bay, an escaped patient causes chaos, with Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) and Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) frantically searching for her.

Millie (Zara Zoe) is in a fragile state, and is found walking directly into the ocean — heading for a dangerous rip. She ignores Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox Reo) as he frantically tries to stop her wading in.

Nikau drags an unconscious Millie out of the ocean and begins to administer CPR, only to be interrupted by Xander bursting onto the scene and taking over.

Luke Van Os is relatively new to the show, and he said that filming the rescue was one of his favourite shooting days so far.

“We had real ambos and SES with the jaws of life, there was so much going on and it felt scarily real,” he said.

On Palm Beach, Summer Bay, Luke Van Os as character Xander is running on the beach to help rescue Millie. Bella and Nikau are tending to Millie after she was rescued from the waves.
Xander is desperate to save Millie after forming a deep connection. Photo: Seven

Jasmine notes that his character Xander is desperate to save Millie and is disturbed at how close her brother is to a patient.

Luke notes that his character Xander has just lost his father recently, which may be why he has such a connection with Millie. “He feels a sense of duty to help Millie through her loss knowing full well what it feels like, he wants to help ease her pain as much as he can,” he explains.

Xander refuses to acknowledge he’s being unprofessional, so will this come back to bite him?

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