Home and Away's final goodbye for fan favourite: 'Unforgettable'

Home and Away bid an emotional Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) farewell on Thursday evening, as he left Summer Bay to work on a cruise ship.

Eagle-eyed fans have known this moment was coming, as it was reported recently by Yahoo Lifestyle that the actor had been travelling around the UK earlier this year instead of filming.

Home and Away stars Lukas Radovich in a black wetsuit, hugging Courtney Miller who is in a black bathing suit, ankle deep in the water at Palm Beach.
Home and Away actors Lukas Radovich and Courtney Miller are close in real life, as well as on the show. Photo: Instagram/lukas.radovich

Lukas has also been posting throwback photos of his time on the soap this week, and he shared his emotional thoughts in his latest Instagram post: “What an incredible ride,” he started.

“I can’t really express how the last 5 years has felt or impacted my life so I’ll keep it short. I’ll miss the job, but most importantly I’ll miss the people.

“A special mention to @tony_gardiner for directing my final block with empathy. And thanks to the FANS OF THE SHOW who’ve made the experience unforgettable.”

The star then revealed that his parents and rumoured partner also made cameos in his last episode, saying that it filled his heart.

Lukas Radovich in a white shirt with coloured palm fronds on it, being hugged by Georgie Parker, standing next to Emily Symons and Ray Meagher on the set of Home and Away.
Georgie Parker plays his aunt on the show, and she said she will really miss Lukas. Photo: Instagram/georgieparker


His co-stars were quick to comment on his post, with Lynne McGranger writing: “Love and miss you honey. Ps there’s some chilli sauce/salsa coming your way.”

Sam Frost, who is also leaving the show this year, told Lukas “You’re so loved by everyone.”

The actor shared the scene of his character saying a tearful goodbye to Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) on his Instagram story.

“The hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to do,” he wrote.

“A friend, a colleague and a f**king legend. I love you so much.”

Courtney also shared the scene on her story, captioning it with “The tears were real.”

Ryder Jackson hugs Bella Nixon goodbye on his last episode of Home and Away. He has tears in his eyes.
The scene where Bella said goodbye to Ryder had viewers in tears. Photo: Seven

Georgie Parker (Roo Stewart) put together a sweet tribute of behind the scenes pictures with Lukas from his time on the soap.

“Could he be any cuter? Lukas, I’ll miss you more than I can say, but I think that’s true for all of us that worked with you over the past 5 years,” she wrote.

“I cannot wait to see what you do next. Whoever gets to work with you is lucky. Auntie Georgie loves you.”

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