Spoilers: Home and Away gets steamy with a secret romance

Last week on Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) was accused of sabotage, Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) decided to keep her baby, and Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) ended up in hospital.

This week, Lyrik receives more devastating news, a steamy new relationship begins, and Ziggy hears her baby’s heartbeat.

L: Nicholas Cartwright as Cash Newman on Home and Away. R: Stephanie Panozzo as Eden Fowler hugs Cash on Home and Away
This week on Home and Away, Cash tries to move on from Jasmine. Photo: Seven

Taking his new job as Lyrik’s manager seriously, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) enters firm negotiations with Salt owner Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

It isn’t long before Mackenzie calls his bluff, and Lyrik loses all their future gigs at Salt. Without a way to fix it, will the band be able to survive yet another hurdle?


Stephanie Panozzo, who plays Eden Fowler, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the band members were really happy to finally ‘find a home’ in Summer Bay.

“Losing the regular gig at Salt is a massive threat to their livelihood and to the beautiful life they have created for themselves here in the Bay,” she starts.

“With no regular gig, they stand to lose it all. This is the last thing Eden wants so she really fights [with Justin].”

Nicholas Cartwright as Cash Newman talks to Jacqui Purvis as Felicity Newman on the set of Home and Away
Cash is keeping his romance with his sister's friend a secret from Felicity. Photo: Seven

Eden’s steamy relationship

Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) has been through a lot lately. The cop was shot during the heated bikie raid and brutally dumped by his ex Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost).

Now that Eden is going through a stressful situation with Lyrik, the pair decide to use each other to relieve some of their stress. Cash has a romantic history with Eden, so it makes sense that they end up falling into bed together.

“Things start off casual but slowly Eden’s feelings begin to bubble,” Stephanie tells us. “The last time they got together Eden walked because Cash wanted more than Eden would allow herself to feel.

“This time the tables have turned — she’s here to stay and for Eden this is an opportunity to mend what she once broke, heal her past mistake, and maybe even allow herself a chance at happiness.”

It’s unlikely that Cash has capacity for an intense emotional connection, as he’s still mourning the loss of Jasmine. Stephanie tells us that this could ‘absolutely get messy’, before adding that Eden has ‘always held a candle for Cash’.

Sophie Dillman as Ziggy Astoni and Patrick O'Connor as Dean Thompson in a hospital getting to hear their baby's heartbeat
Dean vows to go through every step of the pregnancy by Ziggy's side. Photo: Seven

Ziggy and Dean hear their baby’s heartbeat

Last week, Ziggy was concerned about what she’d lose or what she might miss by having a baby. Now, she’s finally allowing herself to realise all she stands to gain by having a family with Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor).

The real-life couple are overwhelmed as they attend their first doctor’s appointment together, and hear the heartbeat of their baby.

Dean missed out on all the firsts with his son Jai, and he’s determined not to savour every moment with Ziggy.

Will the pair continue on this loved-up journey together, or is there something that will get in their way?

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