Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou's 'unrecognisable' Matrix cameo

Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou has stunned fans after a photo from 1999 resurfaced online.

The star, who has played Leah Patterson on the soap since 2000, had a small but important role in The Matrix.

L: Ada Nicodemou as Dujour in The Matrix. R: A close up of Dujour's rabbit tattoo in The Matrix
Her character played an important role in the film due to her rabbit tattoo. Photo: Warner Bros

A fan shared the photo of Ada as her goth-styled character Dujour on a Facebook fan group, writing: “Ada Nicodemou aka Home and Away’s Leah was in The Matrix. Dunno how many times I’ve watched those movies and never realised lmfao, she was so young back then.”

The star looks completely different, wearing her hair piled into a high-top bun along with a blunt-cut fringe.


Showing off her figure in a tight black latex crop top and multiple rings around her neck, the actress also sported bright red eyeshadow and a red lip.

The character is also known as the ‘white rabbit girl’, due to the small white rabbit tattoo found on the back of her left shoulder.

This ends up being a pivotal scene, with Dujour leading the main character Neo to Trinity at a club.

Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou as her character Dujour in The Matrix
Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou looks completely different in The Matrix. Photo: Warner Bros

Fans couldn’t believe that Ada once acted in The Matrix, with people quick to comment on social media.

“How come I’m only just discovering that Ada Nicodemou appeared in The Matrix?” one fan asked.

“Ada Nicodemou in The Matrix got me so flustered as a teen that I couldn’t watch Home and Away the same ever again,” another wrote.

“Pretty random that Ada Nicodemou is in it, and as a character that helps set Neo’s entire arc in motion no less. I like to think the character is actually Leah Patterson and has come a LONG way since her days in Summer Bay,” a third quipped.

Ada Nicodemou pointing at a White Rabbit beer tap in a leopard print top
Ada found this beer tap when she was away in Berry. Photo: Instagram/adanicodemou

Ada also gave a nod to her role in The Matrix, after stumbling across a beer called 'White Rabbit' in 2019. Fans were delighted by the chance to wander down memory lane.

“Still blows my mind,” past Home and Away star Lukas Radovich wrote, with Ada replying: “Follow the white rabbit…”

“Is there any, better knock at the door!” commented a fan, referring to how her character knocks on Neo’s door in the film.

“To see you in that movie was a blast. I grew up thinking you were the most beautiful lady in the world,” another gushed.

“Blast from the past…still love that film,” added a third.

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