These New Sparkling Waters Are So Good I Bought Every Flavor

Drinking one is my daily treat.

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Simply Recipes / Getty Images

If you've read about my love of ALDI's countertop ice maker, you might already know about my obsession with sparkling water. Every day around 4 p.m., I indulge in self-care by cracking open a can of sparkling water, pouring it over ice in my favorite tumbler, and savoring each sip. It's my daily reset, a moment of refreshment I look forward to with the anticipation others reserve for their after-work cocktail.

So when I came across Waterloo's new line of sparkling mocktails, I couldn't resist trying all three varieties: Mojito, All Day Rosé, and Pi-Ño Colada. Spoiler alert: They did not disappoint!

These alcohol-free, zero-calorie beverages elevated my daily ritual with sophisticated flavors inspired by some of my favorite classic drinks.

Why I Love Waterloo's Sparkling Mocktails

Each mocktail offers a unique flavor experience that differs from the typical fruit-infused sparkling waters. They somehow manage to hint at their alcoholic counterparts while remaining distinctly refreshing, light, and, of course, alcohol-free. Here's my review of each of the different sips:

Mojito Mocktail Magic

The invigorating Mojito mocktail quickly became a family favorite. If you enjoy traditional mojitos and lime-flavored sparkling water, this will be the one to reach for. It balances the flavor and aroma of fresh mint with subtle hints of zesty lime for a crisp and lively summer sip.

When I reach for a can of this delightful mocktail, I muddle fresh mint leaves and a lime wedge in my glass for a bit of je ne sais quoi on hot afternoons. But don't worry, fresh produce isn't a requirement for its enjoyment. This effervescent drink stands on its own.

<p>Simply Recipes / Photo Illustration by Wanda Abraham / Retailer below</p>

Simply Recipes / Photo Illustration by Wanda Abraham / Retailer below

All Day Rosé (Without the Hangover)

The complex notes of Waterloo's All Day Rosé really surprised me. Reading their website, I learned that the folks at Waterloo worked hard to mimic the intricacies of the popular blush wine, even partnering with a renowned sommelier. Aiming for "balanced complexity, top notes of red fruit, bright citrus, nuanced earthiness, and semi-dry finish," they tested 200 versions (the most ever) before landing on this.

It's lightly floral and decidedly elegant but can come off astringent when consumed for a while. Of the three varieties, this was my least favorite, but that was only after I'd been drinking it for a while. My first sip was followed by surprise and excitement at how well it got at the nuanced flavor of rosé. I like to mix the All Day Rosé with a generous amount of frozen raspberries for the chill and subtle sweetness it imparts.

If you're looking for an affordable wine alternative to enjoy any time of the day, this is the drink to reach for.

A Tropical Escape in a Can

I'm not a big piña colada fan, often finding them too sweet and intense. So, I waited a couple of weeks before opening up my box of canned coladas. That was a big mistake! Of the three mocktails, the Pi-Ño Colada is my favorite and the star of the lineup.

Besides the fact that it perfectly captures the essence of a beachside cocktail with its flavors of ripe pineapple and tropical coconut, it's also full-bodied and smooth (a notable distinction for sparkling water) with the perfect amount of effervescence.

While the drink is confidently reminiscent of the real-deal resort-goers' drink, it's (of course) not sweetened, making it a wonderful alternative to a cocktail known for its rich sweetness. It's so enjoyable on its own over ice, but I think it would be amazing paired with frozen pineapple and lime juice ice cubes.

Without a doubt, the Waterloo mocktails have elevated my daily sparkling water ritual. They offer all the sophistication of the popular cocktails they mimic but without the booze and sugar. If you're looking for an enjoyable non-alcohol sip or just want to jazz up your hydration game, these sparkling mocktails are worth adding to your cart this summer. You can find them at Kroger and Target.

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