Sophie Monk's epic blunder in Matildas tribute bikini video: 'Soccer expert'

Aussie star Sophie Monk has proven why she'll never make it as a professional football player.

Matildas fever has gripped the nation and it seems even Sophie Monk can’t get enough of Australia’s World Cup success.

The 43-year-old Love Island Australia host is known for her relatable content online and her tribute to The Matildas wasn’t any different, managing to make a hilarious blunder as she kicked a soccer ball around in an Instagram video.

Sophie Monk in a yellow bikini with a football
Sophie Monk has posted a hilarious tribute video to The Matildas. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Monk

Dressed in a patriotic yellow string bikini, Sophie can be seen confidently doing kick-ups with a soccer ball to the background music of Men at Work’s Down Under.

“Babe that was so good,” Sophie can be heard telling her husband, Joshua Gross, as she herself even seems surprised at how she’s able to manoeuvre the ball.


Sophie Monk with a football wearing a yellow bikini at the beach
The ball ended up smacking Sophie in the face. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Monk

“I’ve got to stop I’ve got a stitch,” she says in the next part, before going in for a header, only for the ball to hit the camera and bounce right back towards Sophie, hitting her right in the face.

“Anyone else thinking they’re a soccer expert right now? So proud of you @matildas. I’m available if you need an understudy at the Paris Olympics. You’re legends ladies,” she captioned the video.

Sophie’s legion of fans couldn’t stop laughing at her fail, with one person summing it up by writing: “It’s the combination of Matilda’s meets Kath Day-Knight choreography and a Sharon Strezleki injury to finish off 10/10.”

Another person joked that Matildas goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold will be “soon unemployed” if Sophie keeps it up.

“Such a goose!!! A brilliant, wonderfully talented and hilarious one!” another person said.

Sophie isn’t the only one who’s been won over by The Matildas’ performance in the World Cup, with fans coming out in their droves to support the women in green and yellow ahead of their clash with England on Wednesday.

In fact, it’s gripped the nation so much that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has flagged the possibility of the country's workers enjoying a day off in recognition of the victory, should the team advance to the final and win.

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