Sophie Monk left red-faced over 'worst' $400 purchase: 'Stop it'

The Australian TV star couldn't stop laughing in the video.

She’s known for being one of the most relatable Australian celebrities there is and Sophie Monk has just proved again why she’s loved by so many, with a hilarious social media video.

Taking to her account, the 42-year-old TV star filled her 662,000 followers in on her most recent online purchase, which was a massive fail.

“This is not an ad. I promise you guys I’m not getting paid to post this,” she started the video.

“I saw online this week what looks like my hair, just a tiny bit of regrowth and just all blonde,” Sophie continued.

Sophie Monk talking to the camera
Sophie Monk has been left embarrassed over her online shopping fail. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Monk

“It was $400 bucks but I thought ‘it’s worth it’ to not ruin my hair and wear it every day. Look closely because you’ll barely notice the difference, it’s so similar .”

The former Bardot star then reached down and grabbed the wig she had purchased online, throwing the mane over her head and laughing.

“How natural does this look? I mean $400 bucks it’s real hair apparently and yeah, it’s so good I’ll just wear this every day now. I am the worst online shopper ever .”


Sophie’s fans were left in stitches over her bogus purchase, with one person writing: “Lol stop it!” and another commenting: “Laughing with you not at you. Funny lady.”

“The fact that you are this genuine and down to earth in person makes this 100x better!” a fan wrote.

Sophie’s husband, Joshua Gross, jokingly commented: “When are you going to put the wig on…”

Meanwhile Sophie’s friend and TV personality Courtney Act said: “Oh dear. Do you need some wig assistance, Soph?”

Sophie Monk in a wig
The star bought a $400 wig online which looked nothing like she thought. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Monk

Others shared their own online shopping horror stories, with one person writing: “I ordered from Facebook online a patio umbrella. Received a plastic wooden looking spoon and chopsticks.”

Another person shared that they bought a solar powered clothes dryer online, only to be delivered “a length of rope and some pegs’.

"My neighbor ordered a size 12 dress on line and got a royal blue dress with gold braid could of fitted the whole neighbor hood in it horrid looking thing,' another person wrote.

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