What the geeks from Beauty and the Geek look like now

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We absolutely loved watching the rebooted Beauty and the Geek last year with the highlight being the geeks' transformations (and, of course, some romance!), here are some of our favourites!

Kiran Rao

Kiran Beauty and the Geek
Kiran Rao's transformation on the show was possibly one of the biggest Beauty and the Geek moments of the last season. Photo: Nine

Kiran Rao's transformation on the show was possibly one of the biggest moments of the last season with the reality star shocked at his new look, telling the group, "I love it, it's very hip! I feel like I'm in a boy band!"


"Do you feel more confident?" host Sophie Monk asked.

"Yes, one hundred per cent, how could you not when you look like this?" he joked. "It feels amazing, I mean, how many people are lucky enough to get this experience. I just feel humbled and honoured."

Kiran BATG after
Kiran is still looking suave after his time on the show and is now dating model Louise Child! Photo: Instagram/Kiran Rao

Fans took to Twitter to share their reactions with one user joking, "Kiran looks so good, I am malfunctioning!"

"OMG Kiran looks so handsome, such a beautiful energy about him too," another said.

"Kiran looking like he's going from [Beauty and the Geek] to [The Bachelor]," someone else joked.

And while things didn't work out between Kiran and his 'beauty' on the show Bryanna Reynolds, he is now dating another 'beauty', model Louise Child!

George Goldfeder

George BATG
George had many thinking he was a 'fake' geek on the show with many thinking he was already good looking before the makeover. Photo: Nine

George didn't just undergo his Beauty and the Geek makeover, but also underwent an incredible fitness transformation, revealing his very muscular physique after the show wrapped.

"What an incredible journey it has been!" he wrote on Instagram at the time. "Never could I have dreamed of being so lucky. And never would I have expected to have gained enough confidence to feel proud of how far I've come.

"For the first time in nearly 8 years I'm anti-depressant free, happy, fit and healthy! I owe every bit of growth to the amazing people I've met and the immense friendships I've made over the past few months."

George BATG after
George also underwent quite the physical transformation, revealing his very muscular physique after the show wrapped. Photo: Instagram/sirgeorgathy

He added that he was "making strides" toward his dream of being "a stunt man/action hero, "I'd be an absolute fool not to take advantage of the privilege I've been given, and I'm making a promise to anyone reading this that I will never take it for granted and will always unashamedly be myself. Thank you so much to all the amazing people in my life; past, present and future."

Fans were quick to share their support for the geek, with one user writing, "You're like a geeky version of [Tim Robards], looking good!"

"Loving this!" another follower wrote. "You are an amazing person and I loved your transformation! Hottest geek I've ever seen."

James Letheby

James BATG
James was a fan favourite from the get-go. Photo: Nine

James was a fan favourite from the get-go with viewers loving his sweet nature and his romance with Jess Heatley.

While he and Jess didn't end up together, the cosplayer did end up with some newfound confidence in himself with fans loving his new look.

"I’m so happy with the look," James shared on the show. "Hopefully it just lets me be more confident. It’s going to be my new style, that’s for sure."

James BATG after
While James didn't need a huge makeover, it was his confidence that really changed after his transformation. Photo: Nine

As well as the show’s beauties calling James a "brunette Ryan Gosling", viewers on social media added that he looks "damn sexy".

"I'm speechless (my jaw dropped the moment I see your new self)," one fan wrote on Instagram of his transformation.

"Wow... just wow!" another said, while a third wrote, "Looking fantastic James! Superman cosplay confidence in the real James package."

James still enjoys cosplaying and is still looking amazing!

Jackson Palmer

Jackson BATG
Jackson didn't get a makeover on the show, but stunned fans afterwards. Photo: Nine

While Jackson didn't actually get a makeover on the show, he was outed as a secret hottie after he shared some snaps of himself to Instagram after the show.

In one snap, he looks like a model with one fan comparing him to Shawn Mendes.

Jackson BATG after
Jackson was outed as a secret hottie after he shared some snaps of himself to Instagram after the show. Photo: Instagram/thejacksonpalmer

"That’s not the guy from BATG that I was watching," a shocked viewer wrote.

"Wait this is so hot," another added, while a third wrote, "Wait a minute...hold on...HOLD ON."

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